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posted : 2010.Jul.24 @ 12.13am



Coming together at the cusp, three podular brothers have arrived at Simon Fraser University to delve into the myth and magic of 2012. The Prophets Conference 2012 : the Tipping Point is an incredible cross-field exploration of the approaching event horizon during the period culminating around the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012.




The university is pretty cool, filled with many Northwest Coast Native art sculptures, fabrics and artworks. 



We have linked with Sobe and Daniel Pinchbeck of Evolver and Reality Sandwich who is running a series of panel interviews with the presenters. His mix of skepticism and openness to the mystery should bring an interesting dialogue about the approaching transformational target-date.



The conference opened with a beautiful ritual hosted by the Mayan Elder Flordemayo with shamanic drumming and song from the incredible Mz. Imani.

John Kimmey opened with a stirring presentation on the Hopi Prophecy and invoking the indigenous energy that will carry through many of the metalogues over the weekend.

John Major Jenkins carried us into the science and wisdom of the Ancient Maya regarding the 2012 mythos in the history of Mayan Civilization. He warns us about the media surrounding 2012 and advises us to pay attention to the source lore from the lineage instead of the iconografication of 2012 as a hyped up media strategy to sell products.


Jose Arguelles gave a spirited talk that left us podlings glowing in awe. He opened with stunningly beautiful flute songs accompanied prayer to the 7 galactic directions. Before beginning he honored the indigenous people of the land in a touching homage. His talk was a journey, the last public presentation before 2012! Carrying us through the history of the planet and human culture he ended with a call for peace and unity in the human journey. The entire crowd stood up to give him a standing ovation at the end of his talk, then spontaneously joined hands and hundreds of people swayed together in loving unison.


Flordemayo, the Mayan eldar from the 13 Grandmothers, brought the pure magic home. Her stirring talk was filled with emotion, gratitude and spiritual beauty. Revealing visions she has had for the healing of humanity, her positive and awe inspiring stories coupled with her humility and strong-but-gentle presence truly took our breath away. Soulful ritual music was played throughout the presentation in the background by the masterful Mz. Imani.




The closing ceremony, led by Flordemayo, Mz. Imani, and John Kimmey played the Hopi Grandfather song and a new Grandmothers song to which the crowd sang along and many tears of joy were shed. We ended on a high note singing and dancing together, affirmed and empowered by this magical weekend. 




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