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index « audial « Visionary Artists Podcast 012 - Interview with Alex Grey

posted : 2010.Jul.21 @ 11.56am


In the twelfth episode of Visionary Artists Podcast we interview the world's most prominent visionary artist, Alex Grey. The conversation peels back layers of reality to reach the core of what visionary art is and what it means to be a visionary artist. Alex discusses his work and his perspective on reality, art and spirituality in depth. Before the interview the host gives a short summary of the Integral Institute's AQAL model which features in the interview, before introducing Alex with a short biography. After a lively discussion divided by our usual musical interludes, we return to base camp to discuss some of many ideas raised during the interview. We also hear what's coming up in the next few episodes of Visionary Artists Podcast. Music by Shpongle, Capsula and Michael Bustamante fills this very special episode with visionary magic.


Playlist - Shpongle - A New Way to Say Hooray; Nujabes - 1st Samurai; Shpongle - Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness; Nujabes - Mystline; Michael Bustamante - Finally 1994; Nujabes - Kujaku; Capsula - Gates of Heaven


Learn more about Alex Grey at

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