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posted : 2010.Jun.25 @ 1.56am

Elf Princess

Dear Pod Collective

I have been reading and studing the Podular transmissions for some time
and now I am able to post to you
my profound respect and joy


Here is my latest work on maple board

from the Guild of Iluvatar, by the grace of the Valar, from the heart of Eru, the One


The Guild is in Avalon, quietly working with the Gold and Silver quintessenses of the Sun and Moon, and developing a more perfect Logos


We are recieving our deer kin David and Aloria soon and hope to post some travelogues to the Pod


Again I want to convey I am deeply humbled by the talent and light here, and endevor to tread with care in this garden


Daniel Mirante

posted : 2010.Jun.26 @ 11.21pm

I love this piece, it has everything I enjoy in a painting. An intriguing figure, luminous extradimensional landscape, and careful technique.


Stunning work



posted : 2010.Jun.29 @ 6.15am
Thanks deeply... will share some more flow soon...

posted : 2010.Jul.04 @ 2.52am

Here is another wonder from the Guild of Iluvatar by Yvonne McGillivray...


Yvonne McGillivray



posted : 2010.Jul.04 @ 6.51am
Oooo so beautiful! Smile


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