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posted : 2010.May.23 @ 10.29pm

the seed of all song
is the farmers busy hum
as he plants his rice

- Basho

In the spirit of Pod, two fora folke opened a ritual circle in the
fabled elphinstone rainforest,
embarking on a journey from dream to manifestation.




Deep in the mossy undergrowth of a lush cedar forest they dialogued about permaculture education
and how it could be made more accessible to the world.


As their permaculture stories interwove into a synergetic passage into the present,

they reveled in the podular permaculture media that had been created

with design support by Sijay of the Onbeyond, Lunaya of the Lightscience and Ben of the Tour.

Amongst the frogs and ferns, near waterfalls and nymphic pools these explorations carried them
and the vast visions were brought to earth in a little waterproof notebook.

Back in the cloud pagoda these podlings refined and polished their notes.

These were ritually imbedded into hardcopy seed media to plant in the world stream.

Blessings to Simon Haiduk, Phong, Xavi and Poxin for elements used on this pre-media.




Here is the podular remix of the flow map which contains the full micro business plan. Anyone serious about providing support or funding can email for a hardcopy of the full OG version.



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