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index « babble « European Podfellows: I'm heading your way.

posted : 2010.May.18 @ 5.35pm

Just wanted to let y'all know that I'm flying across the pond, and would be stoked to meet your podular acquaintance!


I'm landing in Stockholm May 29th


then heading to Amsterdam June 10th-14th 


then back to Sweden from the 15th-19th


then Denmark (Arhus and Copenhagen) from the 20th-24th of june


then Berlin from June 25th - July 10th or so


then it gets flexible but I'm thinking the next stops will be back to Amsterdam and then over to London.....and after that we'll see how far I get until the money runs out.





posted : 2010.May.18 @ 6.02pm
Youre gonna be in Amsterdam on my birthday...Lucky man.


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