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posted : 2010.May.04 @ 1.57am

"Spend one day in India and you could write a book about it,

spend one week and you could write an essay,

spend one month and you could write a paragraph,

spend one year and you could write a sentence...

spend any more than that and you'll be speechless."




HARIDWAR ( April 2010 ) - Kumbha Mela

I landed April 11 in Haridwar to attent the maha Kumbha Mela, an ancient spiritual festival which has been happening every 3 and 12 years on auspicious celestial alignments for millenium.


Since February 2010, over 10 million pilgrims and holy men have descended upon the ghats (stairways into the river) in Haridwar for a spirit cleansing bath in the Ganges River.

Spending several weeks amongst the masses of dedicated spiritual seekers, many whom have travelled on foot for months to arrive at this auspicious time, has been humbling to say the least. I'll let the images speak for themselves...



It goes on and on and on... Everybody pouring in to get a Holy soak.





Fun for the whole family.




Sure beats Disneyland!









Welcome to the ancient future.



 Josh and Geo (Viradical) and I : kickin it with cell phone equiped babas in a ghat temple.




RISHIKESH ( April 2010 ) Dream pocket sanctuary on the Ganga.





By night :





Destination of many wandering Babas.



Bathing Mamas...



And digital adventurists...



...the veil is thin, so watch where you step.



 Just up the road and 1km up a steep path hides the frog temples.






Low bows to Master Delvin. Ribbit! Wink




DHARAMSHALA ( May 2010 ) Back in the hood after a 14 hour cab ride.





This one's for master Poxin : rocks on the river bed.



 Master Geo connecting with the valley spirits.





Yea... it's like that.



Deep in the valley.



Deep Tibetan wrinkles.



And deep conversations with Geo at Carpe Diem, Mcloed Ganj.



While charging cell phone by onlooking locals.



Travel gear by Skin Graft + top by Luke Brown.




Blessings to the pod! More to come...



posted : 2010.May.04 @ 3.48am

posted : 2010.May.04 @ 6.25am
Beautiful pictures!  It looks like yall have a magnificent time.   

posted : 2010.May.04 @ 2.49pm

Great pictures. 

Phong, you fit right into the scenery. And that last picture is awesome - The shirt and leather getup are really cool.  

The amount of cell towers in some of those pictures is a little freaky. Those communities are getting mega blasted by radio frequency radiation. It would be interesting to see what the children's leukemia statistics are for these places.  

Keep having fun over there! 

posted : 2010.Jun.24 @ 9.55pm
pretty magical! thanx for the share... I like the perspective of this post. Phong and everyone - fit is perfect.


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