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posted : 2004.Oct.20 @ 2.42pm
The title of the article is "Best Electronic/Dance Album Grammy."
To give you a better idea of the nature of the award, the article repeatedly
refers to the "influential innovators as BT, the Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold and Deepsky."
for most of us, this is quite a distance away from those "classical electronic" artists.
if you do not divide the two genres of electronic and dance,
this could possibly be the beginning of Electronic Music as a distinct genre.
if you do divide them this could be a continuation of the end of electronic music
as more and more music gets funneled into the "dance" section.

either way, its good to know that some people think that drum machines have souls,
and they have decided that those souls will win an award if they sell enough albums.

posted : 2004.Oct.21 @ 12.59pm
Maybe i don't see it the same way -- I think it's more like "oh, would you look at that, people are buying these albums. We've sold a decent amount, let's give them an award."
It seems really oriented towards that big single, that big track with that big hook with that girl singing in a high pitched voice and that cheesy 303 line over that syncopated bass. An effort by industry to exploit another genre of music?

maybe i'm just too cynical. generally the case. Turn up the $ knob on the 909. Id like to believe there are people that care about music behind awards and stuff, but it's hard to.

posted : 2004.Oct.21 @ 1.23pm
I thought about this last night and came to the same conclusion as dzuy.
It's all about the money, same thing as politics these days. Now that dance
music and the dreaded "electronica" are mainstream the Eye of Sauron is aware
of them. The bell curve of America doesn't know what good is. They know what
they are told. Now the establishment is telling them to go buy this "new" thing.
The awards themselves are ads. I'm curious. How many of the artists on
Iridian Radio have Grammys? Are the awards a gauge of what is good by
academic standards? (Do the best films really win Oscars?)

As far as I know neither Laurie Anderson nor Squarepusher has received one...

... that's a red flag right there. Make that two.

posted : 2004.Oct.21 @ 5.07pm
yes, you guys have made awesome points and i agree with both of you. whether the music is good or not, or whether it's based solely on making money isn't really the point of what i was trying to say. i didn't want to offend anyone and just say that i really dislike that these "innovative" artists that they have on their list will be winning awards for what they do (cause i know a few BT lovers out there... Confused ). but in response to rychard's older post he said "the end of electronic music as a distinct genre" or something, and this is no longer the case. it has become a distinct genre (dance music implications aside) but with that comes a case of pidgeonholing.
now what you want to define as electronic music or dance is extremely important in this, which is why i made the distinction between the two.
i, and i think most people here will fall under this category:
"if you do divide them this could be a continuation of the end of electronic music
as more and more music gets funneled into the "dance" section.
this is something we have to consider everyday when we tell people about the electronic music we like/create and they instantly think of "electronica" or "techno" so we can try to generalize it by saying "experimental electronic" which turns into "different weird computer noise" ...its just a huge mess, but maybe im doing it wrong, help me out. i like rychard's idea of just making the music in our heads and not worrying about the categorizations, but this is precisely that.

so yes, you guys are right. but the light im trying to see shining isn't about whether we or who we want will win this award, its just the idea that it exists. this might be angst from personal experiences, but i know some people that are extremely elitist about "instrumental" vs "computer" music.
so in this case, at least, having a standardized award that says [synths and drum machines are ok with us] is a step in the right direction, or i should say...a step away from some wrong direction.

posted : 2004.Oct.21 @ 5.15pm
I feel that the creation of an Electronic/Dance Grammy
is an indication of how important technology
has become to the music industry.

Other then that, the popularity contest, that is the Grammys
has no relavance to good music in any catagory.
Consider the previous winners of the "Best Album" award.

When you see the names of truly inovative artist here,
realize the the albums that they were awards for
are almost never the ones that made them great.

Year Artist

2003 OutKast
2002 Norah Jones
2001 O Brother, Where Art Thou?
2000 Steely Dan
1999 Santana
1998 Lauryn Hill
1997 Bob Dylan
1996 Celine Dion
1995 Alanis Morissette
1994 Tony Bennett
1993 Whitney Houston
1992 Eric Clapton
1991 Natalie Cole
1990 Quincy Jones
1989 Bonnie Raitt
1988 George Michael
1987 U2
1986 Paul Simon
1985 Phil Collins
1984 Lionel Richie
1983 Michael Jackson
1982 Toto
1981 Lennon & Ono
1980 Christopher Cross
1979 Billy Joel
1978 Saturday Night Fever
1977 Fleetwood Mac
1976 Stevie Wonder
1975 Paul Simon
1974 Stevie Wonder
1973 Stevie Wonder
1972 The Concert For Bangla Desh
1971 Carole King
1970 Simon And Garfunkel
1969 Blood, Sweat & Tears
1968 Glen Campbell
1967 The Beatles
1966 Frank Sinatra
1965 Frank Sinatra
1964 Getz & Gilberto
1963 Barbra Streisand
1962 Vaughn Meader
1961 Judy Garland
1960 Bob Newhart
1959 Frank Sinatra
1958 Henry Mancini

posted : 2004.Oct.21 @ 10.58pm
cool, getz&gilberto got it in '64


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