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index « audial « Visionary Artists Podcast 006 - Interview with East Forest

posted : 2010.Apr.08 @ 11.54am
In this episode of Visionary Artists Podcast we talk to Trevor Oswalt aka East Forest. We explore the process that created East Forest's first album, The Education of the Individual Soul. We talk about the process of channeling creativity, how to approach an artistic project and the experiences that inspire this process. Before the interview we pay tribute to Nujabes, a DJ regularly featured on VAP who unfortunately passed on earlier this year. After the interview the host reads a listener email and discusses the shadow in psychology and how it applies to shamanism, visionary experience and life in general. We also introduce next week's guest, visionary artist Bruce Rimell before hearing more amazing music from East Forest.

Playlist: Nujabes - Final View; East Forest - Run!; East Forest - Satanas; East Forest - Pacific Coast Highway

To learn more about next week's guest, Bruce Rimell, visit:

To download Education of the Individual Soul, visit:

For your free pdf of Beyond the Basin, visit:

Direct download:


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