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posted : 2010.Mar.15 @ 11.30am

A premier Canadian visionary gallery in Toronto, Canada launches its new location with a historic exhibition.




Meta Gallery is pleased to present Infinite Tapestry, new works by Mario Martinez, also known as Mars‐1. For his first solo exhibition at the gallery, as well as the inaugural exhibition in our new location, 124 Ossington Ave. Mars‐1 will present works on canvas, paper and wood including a large‐scale work measuring 4 x 9 feet. In addition, 2 recent bronze sculptures will also be displayed.

In Infinite Tapestry, Martinez continues in the vein of his form based abstraction works for which he is most widely known. Utilizing a wide and provocative color palette while drawing on artistic influences as diverse as surrealism, urban art and abstract expressionism, the works presented offer viewers a direct portal through
which to experience the vast extraterrestrial vistas, densely colored amorphous landscapes and gently bubbling geometries of the imaginative space channeled by Mars‐1.



The new body of work being developed for this exhibition further pushes the boundaries of the ever expanding and constantly in flux style Mars‐1 has become known for. The dedication and tradition within his work to a consistent transmutation from one distinct aesthetic expression to another is once again evident in the Infinite Tapestry series, a more minimalist approach to the Mars‐1 method. Soft monochromatic spherical forms arise out of a seeming abyss of void, gathering together in a harmonious grouping of expanding and contracting cosmological geometries - form slowly arising out of the formless. This approach, in the variety of ways it has manifested in the brushstrokes of this artist ‐ one whose work transcends genres, has been greatly responsible for the sense of immersion his work offers the viewer. What ensues is a direct sense of an authentic journey through his mind and imagination, one who the artist himself claims to come from the very other‐wordly spaces which define much of his artistic output.

Mars‐1 (Mario Martinez) was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1977. He moved to Fresno, California when he was 3. At 13 he began his interest in all things street art as he began writing graffiti and contributing to street art and culture in a significant way. He later attended and graduated with a BFA from the San Francisco Academy of Art. Following his graduation he devoted himself to the creation of his artworks, becoming prolific in the then emerging world of lowbrow art and synthesizing his vision through both the urban and fine art worlds. He has exhibited in countless gallery exhibitions throughout the globe including group exhibitions stretching from San Francisco to Sau Paulo, and Portland to Boston. His solo shows have included major exhibitions in Portugal (VPF Cream Art Gallery, 2008) and New York City (Jonathan Levine Gallery, 2007, 2009). His work can be found in the private collections of Lance Armstrong, Mark Parker (CEO of Nike), DJ Qbert and Grammy award winning musician Everlast. His first published book, Convergence, included works by himself and other artists working in a similar style. It is virtually sold out of its first printing. The follow up to Convergence, Further, has just been recently released to wide acclaim and the first hardcover monograph of his artwork will be released through Ginko Press during the summer of 2010.

Infinite Tapestry will be on view from April 2 to April 25, 2010. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 12‐6 and Sunday from 12‐5. The opening reception will be on Friday April 2 from 7‐10pm. Artist in attendance.

Meta Gallery
124 Ossington ave.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
m6j -2z5

telephone 416.955.0500
fax 416.955.0807



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