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posted : 2010.Feb.17 @ 1.46pm
In this week's episode of Visionary Artists Podcast we talk to the writer and podcaster Lorenzo Hagerty. The coversation penetrates the noosphere, floats over the nature of story telling and lands in the Black Rock Desert as we discuss Burning Man and the nature of artistic expression. We discover the reason for Visionary Artist Podcast's long absence and launch right back into the swing of things with a dicussion of the balance of masulinity and feminity in the visionary experience and in artistic creation. The discussion moves onto reclaiming the feminine without losing the masculine, balancing light and dark, and briefly touches on everyone's favourite tragic hero, Hamlet. We also discuss what's coming up in the next few episodes, including a talk to be given by the host in Canterbury University this Friday and an interview with artist Sandeep Chandran in VAP004.

You can buy Lorenzo Hagerty's audio book The Genesis Generation by visiting

More information on Sandeep Chandran's work can be found on

Playlist: Younger Brother - All I Want; Ikue Asazaki - Obukuri-Eemui; Nujabes - Still Talking to You; Xavier Rudd - Mana; Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician - Surrection.

Visit for more information on my novel Beyond the Basin.



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