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posted : 2010.May.23 @ 7.36pm
Thank You!  Very Happy

posted : 2010.May.25 @ 7.34am

Dae Dae is a maquette I did towards the end of 08.  Concept is based off a dream I had... A Huge happy blue lion with horns visited me Smile



 Dae Dae unfinished


Here is the is the fully Finished one.


Dae Dae finished




This is my Dream Keeper Smile  I did my creature in 07.  Story of who it came to be: (When I was a kid I had a dream where  it came to me in a dream and since I helped find it's necklace.  I awoke it from its grave and went to this huge translucent library in the forest where it was a Keeper of...  It touch my hand and I remembered all my dreams, lol. )   It's about the size of my face.  It was really hard it fire in the kiln at the time,  so there is a slight crack down the face...




I'm working on a full new maquette of it as we speak... it is going to look a a lot different Wink





posted : 2010.May.25 @ 10.04am

Hey Kala


Great! evoking powerful spirits.


Very Mystical Designs. Nice use of sculpey, you've gone all out with the textures, the mane on Dae Dae must have taken you a while. I especially like the energetic design on the Dreamkeepers base, and his subtle expression.


I'll look forward to seeing more, and the fullbody!


Thanks for sharing this Smile



posted : 2010.Jun.06 @ 12.43pm

It was so big.  It was hard to get a decent picture of it :/

Song of the Tiger


 song of the tiger






Angel Science

angel science 

posted : 2010.Jun.11 @ 9.27pm

posted : 2010.Jun.11 @ 11.54pm

Very strong visions Kala


the 'Song of the Tiger' is a beautiful piece, just speaks to me. I love the subtle hues against the deep darkness of space. I can feel the love and energy you've charged this with, for real...



posted : 2010.Jun.12 @ 6.05pm

Thank You!  Very Happy  


Here is a new piece I did today Smile


Ocean Breeze


For bigger size to download.  Go here: 

posted : 2010.Jun.18 @ 8.15pm

Starting on T-shirt Designs!  Here one but I have more to come! Very Happy


Pod Lungs network


Link to get a shirt.

posted : 2010.Jun.22 @ 11.45am

Nice! your so prolific. Keep it comin



posted : 2010.Jun.28 @ 7.43pm

Art Test


This was my art test I had to take in order to get in the finals department Smile


The models were done by Shawn Rinehart

I did the texturing, Lighting and Shading.


Just a sneak peek of my CG skills Wink 

posted : 2010.Jun.29 @ 1.38pm

Nice work! 

This now makes you a part of the very elite force of women in the CG Industry. Computer nerds from all over will be lining up for a chance at a love connection.

I'm sure I'll be one of those nerds 

But seriously, nice rendering and texturing. What did you use to render the scene?

posted : 2010.Jun.29 @ 3.10pm
Hahaha! Tis is true.  I rendered it all in mental ray in maya with final gather.  I had a maya physical sun in there with four portal lights, a fill light and a bounce light.  I'm a student of light :p  lol  I also composited the outside/background in photoshop and adjusted a few things.  Shading, lighting, texturing, modeling, and compositing are my favorite things to do in CG.  Be on the look out in November cause my demo reel should be done by then.

posted : 2010.Jun.30 @ 4.04pm

Her Light Inspires


A lovely little lady walked into my life and this piece is inspired by her Smile 


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