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posted : 2010.Feb.04 @ 9.27am

I figured I would go ahead and make a post just for my art Smile




She's young Amphitrite Smile


Saber Tooth Tiger


Saber Tooth Tiger.  I did this one for my good friend Jin because it's her spirit animal Smile


Puma Punku


A Puma Punku Shaman:)


elephant spirit 


I painted this elephant spirit on a piece of palm wood.  I probably going to make it into a wall sconce to hold a candle in its head.




posted : 2010.Feb.04 @ 5.16pm

Props Kala !


Keep pushing forward.  



posted : 2010.Feb.04 @ 6.22pm

My new one I just did today Smile

This is Shamah.  She is a Homo Luminous and bliss mama.  She just arrived here on her time ship Wink



posted : 2010.Feb.04 @ 10.54pm

Nice, Kala. I like the textured BG's you put on your sketches and I like the elephant a lot. Air also did some really cool palm bark masks.  


Keep flowing.




posted : 2010.Feb.05 @ 4.02am
That's where I got the inspiration from Smile

posted : 2010.Feb.05 @ 3.36pm

This last only really does it for me Smile  Good job.

Nice face, cool markings, good color and (of course) I'm a sucker for the weathered look.

Funny you did an elephant because I am working on a Ganesh palm mask now.

posted : 2010.Feb.05 @ 7.26pm

Thanks Smile

The Ganesh looks sooo good Very Happy

posted : 2010.Feb.15 @ 12.46pm

Lion DNA




My Lion DNA piece.  (Acrylic Canvas)

posted : 2010.Feb.22 @ 9.06pm

posted : 2010.Mar.13 @ 1.04pm
WOW... beeeeauuuuutiful Kaia !!! I LOVE this Smile

posted : 2010.Mar.13 @ 1.14pm
amazingness indeed.

posted : 2010.Mar.30 @ 6.58am

Yeea! Saber Tooth Tiger + Puma Punku Shama.

Love to your flow Kala - keep rockin!


That's intersting you call the piece 'Shamah' - I call my step mom that - 'Sha ma'.

My shamanic mother... it was her idea.  Wink

posted : 2010.May.22 @ 7.25am

Lovely designs, Great work!




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