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posted : 2010.Jul.02 @ 6.01am

Some more recent collaborations / Designs. 








posted : 2010.Jul.30 @ 7.35pm

Shifted through time, sifted like sand in a hourglass trickling with gravity.
A Device built on the theory of relativity, Or is this an abnormality of reality.
What can it mean to me, Trillions of light molecules traveling astrally,
Fundamentally become the universal normality.
Ambidexterity I am alive and dead, Gaining synchronicity like a string theory thread.
Billions of inner synopsis tick in my head Like the gears in a clock. 
I am Learning to Travel, Both behind and ahead. 
Time Dilation speaks of shifting the sands, Einstein gave light into the spectrum bands that can bend.

I see the true importance in the possibility of LSD in providing material aid to meditation aimed at the mystical experience of a deeper, comprehensive reality. ~ Albert Hoffman

posted : 2010.Aug.17 @ 6.45pm
Hello all, I have something deep to drop from my heart.
Shout outs go to Geo ( viradical ) for inspiring me to dive into some new programs and pick up the tablet again.
We are approaching a beautiful apex of human history and technology.
I feel reborn once again and during this metamorphosis out of the shadow I will bring every atom of inner strength to resonate into my artwork. 
The tessellating patterns are directly influenced by several DMT trips during last winter.  ( including shipibo pattern weaving )
The overall compistion is inspired by deep mediation and LSD experiences.

I hope this light brings some synchronistic energy into your day! 
Blessings ~ Justin / totemical.


posted : 2010.Aug.17 @ 10.49pm
Right on man Smile  I was just browsing your posts a couple of days ago too, I salute your prolific waves of generation. Sick texturing on this one, a critical mass of sweet assets and Gaian psy.

posted : 2010.Aug.18 @ 7.31am

Recently my wordpress part of my site was infected with some malware.
I have removed the problem but google might take a while to unblock me from its "blacklist"

In light of this, I share with you some of my creative process that has yet to grace the pod. 

We are all one, we were always one.
Together we discover through our differences a divine reflection of our inner self.
We are the generation that holds this planets life in balance.
As time progresses and dilates I hope we as a species will
come to find that all the sacred truths are interwoven at the heart of our planet
and transcend this knowledge into protecting our environmental future; One love for gaia.

Light is love.~_~

A self portrait: 

some recent portraits: 


Blessings of light and love ~ Justin totemical. 

posted : 2010.Aug.19 @ 1.35pm
Your art is growing!!  I loooove these new pieces!  

posted : 2010.Aug.19 @ 10.51pm
thank you Geo and Kala for the postive boost of energy! Deep love to both of you!
Here are some recent pieces I have finished after getting into rendering some mandlebulb fractals! 

शुद्ध करना - 2010- Purge the darkness into light. 

 forever-together ( love ) ♥

:-Contact-: δρακων τεχνολογία 
"Right here and now, one quanta away, there is raging a universe of active intelligence
that is transhuman, hyperdimensional, and extremely alien..."~Terence McKenna

posted : 2010.Aug.22 @ 5.10pm
Expansive and amazing! loving these art stylez

posted : 2010.Aug.22 @ 9.53pm

Nice artwork.


I like Snow White a lot. these new fractal renders are looking good too. Keep flowing forward!  

posted : 2010.Sep.02 @ 1.54am
thanks for the kind words all! here are some new pieces!

posted : 2010.Nov.27 @ 10.53pm

Prophecy of time - 2010 -

posted : 2010.Nov.28 @ 3.33pm

This 'Prophecy of Time' piece is a great victory!



posted : 2010.Nov.29 @ 8.46pm
I agree, this last piece is sweet. I dig all the squiggly lines that permeate the temples and layers upon layers of visions.  Nice piece! 


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