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posted : 2010.Apr.18 @ 7.26pm

A preview of some concept designs for inkspoon.

If you haven't check them out before you should : 



posted : 2010.Apr.23 @ 8.26pm

New Urban sprawl piece: 




Eastcoast To westcoast Remix, New York.

Photography: Phoenix Olivia

Stretched canvas's Or Photogloss prints available.



posted : 2010.Apr.24 @ 1.23pm
This is some sick stuff! I think its really neat that you can take the stylisms of those indigenous north-west cultures and incorporate them back into your graff flow. What are you using to render? I'm really ignorant to 3d software outside of Z-Brush, trying to start grooving in to it. But yea really nice new work man, keep it up.

posted : 2010.May.12 @ 8.11pm


Very Happy 

posted : 2010.May.15 @ 7.25am

podular gold. I love where this is going.

is that an image of kala that justin remixed?

posted : 2010.May.15 @ 3.07pm
This is a remix both using a photograph of Kala shamah and elements of her artwork.
The photograph features a beautiful headdress that she custom built including a catskull. 

Here is another shot of the headdress:

posted : 2010.May.19 @ 3.12pm

Requiem of illusion. 2010
Requiem of illusion. 2010
Requiem of illusion. 2010
Model: Kitty Crowchild.
Mostly all vector, Roughly 5 hours in total. 



Symphony No. 25
Symphony No. 25
Mix with Doktor J & Jes Jubbis.


posted : 2010.May.19 @ 4.52pm
Wild Style !

posted : 2010.May.21 @ 12.47pm

Yea man... keep pushing out into the vast expanse of novelty -

and may all potential eyeballs that would see your work be wind in your sails!


Human characters are a good evolution.

 What stories do they tell?


posted : 2010.May.22 @ 7.28am

Mind Boggling to the highest level!


so much life in those flowing shapes



posted : 2010.May.22 @ 9.19am
Amazing work!

posted : 2010.Jun.08 @ 1.17pm

These are some new pieces I have vectorized. ( full size images are massive in detail )

In these pieces I am attempting to symbolize the slipping time signatures of life and death and gracefully portray the spiritual connections between animals and humans. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, We must honor all creatures In life and In death throughout space & time. For the beauty of soul is shared and sacred in all living things.  ~ Blessings Justin.   

11th thorn of Vulpes.
The haunted spirit of the Steam fox.
Featuring a fox skull and small bird skulls which are killed during the carnivorous mammal's life.


Ursidae the Sixth.
Encompassing a bear-skull and highlighting the number 6th below the center point in roman numerals.
The bear is a sacred spirit totem among native cultures, and can represent a humans inner strength.



This is more of a personal totem project, Were I focus on different aspects of the cat family.

I will be doing a small run of some of the pieces on hoodies and T-shirts. I need to gather numbers to see how many I will produce though, I can ship them anywhere but will have to calculate shipping into the final cost.
Let me know If you would like a tshirt or Hoodie and I can give a discounted Pod-Family price! 

Much love ~ Justin Guse / 

posted : 2010.Jun.24 @ 5.18pm

'Singularity' Limited Edition Inkspoon Series
designs by Justin Totemical and Shea Allan McCachen
hand-printed by Blake Wrinkles

Buy them online here: excellent quality and including bamboo and organic fibers!





 Black and white study further continued.

मेरी आंखों खुले होते हैं

~ My, Eye(s).  ~ Are Open//. 2010//

\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\


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