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posted : 2009.Dec.31 @ 9.22am

Hello Emerald Podlings!



// This is a thread for Seattle-area artists to post our works in progress,


newly finished pieces, new tracks, amulets, sketches,


or whatever we want feedback on. \\


We are a group of friends that have decided to use Pod as our medium of exchange. If you live in or near Seattle and don't know us, introduce yourself!!


In fact, please introduce yourself in your first post so that we know who the avatars are. Also, consider clicking "Notify me when a reply is posted" that will be below the text box when you are writing a post. Its good to know when the fresh::ness has oozed anew into the noosphere.



posted : 2009.Dec.31 @ 9.29am

[[ For introductions, lets do our names and a piece or two that communicates our style. ]]


This is Jay.


Here's the piece I'm working on now. I'm waiting to get a pen for this Wacom tablet that I manifested, because I want to use this as a first experiment with digital painting.



posted : 2010.Jan.18 @ 10.04pm

I didn't realize there were many Seattle people here.

Sorry that I didn't see the thread....I try to check the pod quite regularly, but I guess this thread slipped away from me.


At the moment, I can't really show my current work in progress haha....client would probably be mad. But it's cool knowing there is at least 1 more person up here.

Are you going to go to the Emerald City Comic Con in a couple months? If so, stop by my table!



posted : 2010.Jan.19 @ 10.34pm

Seattle Love! 


Lived there for ten years but I'm off on adventures. I hope I find my way back one of these days.  


I own some art hanging at the Church of Bass. I'd love to hear about so more support for that place here on this site. 


Cheers Alex

posted : 2010.Feb.16 @ 2.08pm

Hey Everyone this is Isaac, aka Cotec.


I've been loving the seattle underground art and music scene. I've seen AMAZING art come out of the emerald city and it's nice to see it getting out into the larger inter worlds. Thanks for starting this thread Jay.  


I have been in the studio for a few months now and just finished up my debut album, "Music to Cycle Thru"


I don't know how to post my music on the thread, but you can go to either: to stream




I've been getting good reviews and have been looking into larger promotions. Would love to hear opinions on the sound, and options on promotions.


Thanks Everyone!


Oh and your new work is great Jay. I like the somewhat PNW feel of your pen work. It's nicely tribal infused.


posted : 2010.Feb.17 @ 12.38am

finally i made it over here. My attention has been in a million other places and now i see clearly that it needs to return to the places where my current is the strongest. Thank you for redirecting me. I need to manifest or borrow a scanner so it's easy for me to post my work and also drop sketches into PS. For now i just take photos and this is the only recent sketch i've got on my computer. I will post again once i've begun painting it. The vision i had is that she is standing on the shores of the Big Island where the lava flows into the sea. I have seen many pictures of this and envisioned myself standing there straddling the hot lava as the waves crashed in to cool it--fire and water, dissipating into steam, the wind carrying that mist away like a song....and it was all a dream i had, one that i forced myself to wake from and return home to what and who is present with me now: All of YOU. Thank you for being here, and for holding space for my emergence.





oh, and in case you want to see a larger version of my avatar, here is the unfinished painting. I've since done some more work on it, but i stopped painting because i wanted to work on it digitally for a bit and see what direction that takes it. I think the water would look better done digitally since i'm not that great at painting and haven't delved into oils yet. Anyway, here it is:
it's kind of funny how i only get inspired to create art like this when a relationship tanks. Both of these pieces were created in the wake of having to let go of someone i was in love with. So i guess as long as i keep dating, and keep fucking up my relationships, there will be a consistent flow of art through me. Something to look forward to fo' sho'.


posted : 2010.Feb.17 @ 4.59pm

Hey guys, I'm out here at Cloudview Farm kicking it with Jacob.....its such a beautiful day!


Here's something I'm working on, more details and color to be added soon:



posted : 2010.Feb.17 @ 11.38pm

i might like to have something that tattooed on my back someday.


posted : 2010.Feb.19 @ 6.13am
Love to the Seattle Podlings!  Great to see that the homies are seeping their feelers in.

Congratulations on completing your album, Isaac!  Your music has always struck me as very pro, and I know how much practice and self-education has gone into the production.  Kudos.

That vertical axis piece is rad, Jay.  Your signature style is really coming to fruition, like dragon whiskers flowing in the wind.  You're going to have a killer set of brush tools at your disposal when your pen manifests. Smile

Lovely sketch, Jodi.  Your dream description of the lava meeting the ocean is so vivid. I'm looking forward to seeing her decked out in full-blown Hawaiian-hued regalia.

posted : 2010.Feb.27 @ 1.46am

phase two:




posted : 2010.Feb.27 @ 11.24pm
Rock, rock, rock.  I particularly like the flow of the central opening.

posted : 2010.Feb.28 @ 2.18am

Thanks Geo, I actually just worked on this for a few hours.....its very much in transition....there are some colors that are kinda awkward at the moment, but I'm liking the way this is evolving overall.


totemical dreams


posted : 2010.Mar.05 @ 4.07pm

Hey guys,


Just figured I'd drop in and remind you guys that if you are planning on hitting up the Emerald City Comicon next week (Mar 13-14th) drop by and say Hi! I'll be manning my table at E-14 selling prints and stuff. Hope to see you there!




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