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posted : 2009.Dec.09 @ 2.08pm



This is Ka. A piece, I call Inspiration.

I saw her dance for the first time this weekend and got inspired by her in every way from her being to her art. 

This is definitely an Android Jones inspired piece.

I took a series of photos of her dancing and combined them in photoshop then painted on them.  I threw in two of my alchemy pieces in there and then did more photoshop fun etc. 

posted : 2009.Dec.09 @ 3.14pm
wow Kala, really nice work! Awesome color use, really cohesive and consistent textures, lots of subtle feeling.....mmmmm.  This is inspiring me to learn some more skills and techniques in PS.....just in time for a sweet skillshare in Seattle this weekend! 

posted : 2009.Dec.09 @ 6.17pm
check out  if you haven't already... Smile

posted : 2009.Dec.10 @ 10.56am

Thumbs up. That's a really nice piece, Kala.

I can see the Android influence but still it has a style of its own - a painterly look.



posted : 2009.Dec.10 @ 6.50pm
oooooh Kaia this is totally transcendental - BIG thank you for sharing it and BIG ups for your love filled skillz

posted : 2010.Jul.12 @ 6.41pm

Gorgeous work Kala... I've been trying to get Ka to put some of her art up on the Pod.


Her website is


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