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posted : 2009.Sep.15 @ 6.44pm

I don't if any of yall have seen this but it is amazing and should be shared Smile


" a mesmerizing choregraphy evoking atoms, DNA, seeds, spirals, fractals, etc... inspired by Anaxagoras of Clazomenae." 

Spheres from Regis Hervagault on Vimeo. 

posted : 2009.Sep.16 @ 4.17pm

I like both the video and the music.


it would be extra gravy to see it in 3D,

get all wrapped up in those speres. ; )



posted : 2009.Sep.18 @ 6.53am

Wow, i'm litterally blown away. Being a 3d artist, i can hardly imagine how it was created.

Its mathematical for sure... but hell! maths are beautiful.



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