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posted : 2009.Sep.12 @ 8.25pm

Hello and best wishes,


I have many names to many people, but a general consensus is "Steve." I'm new posting to this forum, but have known about/been inspired by several artists here for some time. Mediums I use to attempt to channel the All include music, painting, drawing, digital(photo/video manipulation), and almost anything else I can get my hands on. Music is by far my favorite, though. A truly superior form of communication.


For my first post, I wanted to bring out a personal favorite. I've been evolving a lot personally over the past couple of years, and this was among the first ideas that were a direct result of this growth. That's all I really want to say, as I prefer to let the viewer make their own opinions and associations about the imagery in my art.


 Monochrome guache on bristol 



  ~Stiggity Steve

posted : 2009.Sep.14 @ 6.59pm

Hi Steve, welcome to Pod!

I like the color palette you have in that green piece above. Are those squares in phi-ratio? I use phi alot in Illustrator iterations.


Would love to check out links to your music creations if you have any.





posted : 2009.Sep.14 @ 9.30pm



Thanks a lot! I didn't measure the squares out exactly, but I did eyeball them to be near phi. I put it in almost everything I do somehow.


I have a few older songs up at Not the best, and the quality of the MP3's is lacking, but some earlier audio "sketches" for sure.

posted : 2009.Sep.20 @ 7.49am

Welcome! Well, I agree, the music is a great form of channeling and communicating. Sound manifests much farther than images, unless we tap into telepathy Smile . I think the greatest ability nowadays is to create combinations of sound and image and with Internet, it's only a matter of posting and blogging to connect to the masses.

About the pallet you used - i like it as well. Although, the top of the painting attracted me a lot more, than the entire thing. Half way down I kind of lost the TOP and had to look up the image and down to connect both parts. This is not a critique of course. Just my thoughts on the matter. I'll check your music ideas later as well.

Good to have you in Pod. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!


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