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index « audial « VST Lovin' - glitch style.

posted : 2004.Oct.18 @ 9.41am
Hello pod world.
Maybe word about these guys is old, but someone recently turned me on to this team of guys that writes VSTs - all oriented towards glitch/noise/interesting sound. Logic users don't cry, they're also available as AUs.

They're called destroy fx. They're really interesting, and actually pretty unique as far as i've seen. One you've got to check out is the Buffer Override vst which kind of recreates that glitchy sound you get sometimes when your buffer goes weird while streaming audio/video - only gives you control over all the parameters. Check 'em out.


posted : 2004.Oct.22 @ 8.59am
dzuy, the bufferoverride is the coolest thing ever. i know that if you turn it up you get really intense filtering, but i also like the really clean overdrive you can get if you turn it up just a little bit.

i tried some of the other plugins too. the dfx geometer has some cool sounds, but it's a little hard to control.

also, whenever i see something with the word 'scrub' in it (ie: dfx scrubby) i get all excited that it will be something along the lines of Ms.Pinky or FinalScratch, but so far i've had no luck finding or developing something that has the same effect without the awesome vinyl midi controller (i dont have turntables). defenitely a project worth developing.


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