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posted : 2009.Jul.26 @ 2.01pm

Singularity and Mellennial Obsessions


Ralph Abraham discussing two habits of historical evolution.  For further discussion of these underlying habits (which shall go unnamed), listen to the Matrix Masters podcast. 


"[N]ow these two habits which account for the utopian and millennial obsessions of the human species over this historical period of 6,000 years.. these were enabled by certain mathematical models of time coming into existence or into consciousness... we had the line, we understood the linear model of time.. we've got a circle, our  mathematical consciousness is growing.  Well recently we have new models for time,  even the greatest exponent of a fractal model of time, yourself [Terence McKenna], I think has contributed enormously to the history and philosophy of time by giving a new model... and chaos theory likewise has given many new models for transformation which transcend the singularity concept.  There are transformations that we observe in nature, now that our mental appartus and mathematical cognitive capabilities have evolved to a certain point where we can recognize many other forms of transformation as being canonical things that nature does."


- Ralph Abraham

An excerpt from "Reality Check" from Matrix Masters 


» Reality Check :: A Trialogue Between Ralph Abraham, Rupert Sheldrake and Terence McKenna ~ Esalen 1992

posted : 2010.Dec.15 @ 8.44am


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