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posted : 2009.Jun.27 @ 5.09am

I painted this from the rooftop of my best friend Marko Djurdjevic In Berlin on the morning of the solstice



Berlin Solstice


posted : 2009.Jun.27 @ 7.24am



Both natural and supernatural. 

The pallette grounds it firmly in reality while the patterns give it the energy flow that often goes unseen.

Van Gogh would be stoked by this one.  I am loving the subtle use of the paper brush patterns here.

Seeing them scattered amongst the more tradtional brush work makes it more powerful to my eyes.

Andrew, this is now one of my favs.  So much depth!  Thank you for dropping in to share it.

posted : 2009.Jun.27 @ 7.18pm

I really love the sea shells in the sky Smile


posted : 2009.Jun.29 @ 6.28pm

very nice, veeery nice.


I really dig the sunrise lighting on the clouds.

you got it down on that one!



posted : 2009.Jul.09 @ 2.15pm
Good God - brilliant it is! Settled brightness of solstice and the rest is just continuous journey throughout the piece. And my eyes are still not tired.

posted : 2009.Jul.19 @ 3.04pm
very inspiring patterns!!!


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