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index « audial « Organic Collective - The Mushroom Mixtape

posted : 2009.May.14 @ 7.22am

Pleased to announce our latest voyage into the sonic realms, The Mushroom Mixtape!


Available free here.



Hope you all enjoy! 


Our Full-Album will be released this summer, titled "Bass Chakra".



posted : 2009.May.14 @ 8.34am
Hey Scott.
I just wanted to let you know that I just grabbed this and when I unpacked it Track 5..Docile Minds was corrupt.

Other than that its an awesome mixtape!!

posted : 2009.May.14 @ 11.40am

Thanks so much! I will get that fixed ASAP!



posted : 2009.May.14 @ 1.16pm

Just letting you know, the working version has been uploaded! Track 5 should work just fine!


Thanks again!



posted : 2009.May.14 @ 1.21pm
Victory!!! You guys rock.

posted : 2009.May.14 @ 1.23pm
Thanks bro! you should add us up on Myspace! We're planning on getting some tourage going on, and will be hopefully pulling some guerilla late-nite sets at some summer fest's this year! Keep in the loop!

posted : 2009.May.16 @ 4.47am
I'm really digging the psybient vibes. Definitely wish I had this mix while I was camping a few days back. Were those Terence McKenna quotes? Reminds me a bit of Shpongle as far as the ambient style to it. Had the same problem unzipping the file. No bueno. Looking forward to "Bass Chakra". Keep up the entheogen entertainment!

posted : 2009.May.21 @ 6.35pm
thanks for the tropotrophics! the 3'00" mark of fungi is great.


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