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posted : 2009.Feb.17 @ 11.07am


The combined power of Tribe 13, IAMUnified and Starborne Productions with core support from Pod's own Delvin has turned our annual Seattle event into a full fledged tour!


Featuring an incredible array of visionary artists from the world over, a lineup of cutting edge musicians and djs, full flavor fashion shows and amazing art installations. Come share in this transformative experience and collective celebration of the new culture. 



The Interdimensional Art Show has been born to answer a call to need of community development and individual appreciation. In a nut shell the Interdimensional Art Movement declares a collective with no boundaries to thoughts and expression, it is a foundation to welcome and nurture creativity within people. The acronym IAM is the symbol of individuality. It is fundamental to appreciate and celebrate the individuals the make up our communities. 


The Annual Interdimensional Art Show which showcases art, music and fashion is an interactive platform to inspire culture. In the past 6 years the IAS took place in seattle for a yearly epic night to remember and maintain a strong following. This year we are excited to offer the IAS as a tour down the west coast and interweave communities that have been creatively mingling together for a long while now. Now is our chance to come out and get to know and strengthen the west coast alliance.

Interdimensional Art Show Press Release


The Annual Interdimensional Art Show showcases art, music and fashion. For the past 6 years this event took place in Seattle. This year we are excited to offer the IAS as a tour down the West Coast, interweave communities that have been creatively mingling together for a long while now. Now is our chance to come out to get to know and strengthen the West Coast visionary alliance.


May 03rd

San Francisco, California     

Temple Nightclub

540 Howard st. 


May 23rd

Seattle, Washington

Columbia City Theatre

4918 Rainier Ave S 


June 5th

Eugene, Oregon *

Fenario Gallery

881 Willamette St. 


The show features visionary art from five continents including Roberto Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Andrew Gonzalez, Alex Grey, Pablo Amaringo, Brigid Marlin, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Mark Henson, Roman Villagrana, Andy Thomas, Chris Dyer,

Satoshi Sakamoto, Leo Plaw, Daniel Mirante, Amanda Sage, Carey Thompson, Luke Brown, Xavi, David Heskin and many others


Come share in this transformative experience and collective celebration of the new culture.  




 * Art will remain here until the end of June. 


posted : 2009.Apr.27 @ 6.56pm

advanced tickets and more details at 

posted : 2009.Apr.29 @ 3.39am
Wish you were coming to the east coast. I'd love to get a chance to meet you guys.

posted : 2009.May.03 @ 8.27am
Roberto Venosa and Martina Hoffmann are here in SF and will be at the show along with a who's who of the visionary art culture community. This is going to be epic!

posted : 2009.May.04 @ 11.12pm

greetings podlings... Im transmitting from the Dream Pagoda in Berkeley CA... otherwise known as Phongs pad, where as we speak, master Delvin lies sleeping in the celestial dream chamber (living room) after a long 3 days of deep facilitation and work for the amazing and successful Interdimensional Art show...

         We all had a fantastic time and the show was amazing. So many masterful works were present... Phong was raging visuals, and the Stargate Portal was fully activated... I imagine Delver or Phongular will drop a fat post with pics, but I just wanted to send out my little bed-time tag to let the podlings know the SF show went great... 

posted : 2009.May.07 @ 9.18am

Art is destiny. 


The ring of this sentiment resounded through the corridors and sacred spaces of the Temple Nightclub in San Francisco this last weekend as the 7th annual Interdimensional Art Show took 500 people on a flight into the new culture. 

The event was thrown by Jennifer 'Herbanmama' and Roman of tribe 13



design : Roman Villagrana 

art : Martina Hoffmann , XAVI Luke Brown 

hologram printing :  Raja 


Hundreds gathered to celebrate visionary culture with an epic event mapping the intersection of art, music and fashion. Here is the first thing people saw when stepping through the gate. 





photo : Galen : Manifest Media


The Temple is a gorgeous club in the Heart of the new San Francisco. Last year XAVI completed one of the most incredibly visionary interior designs I have ever witnessed with his stargate portal room.





photo : XAVI 


Featuring over 40 art originals from a variety of visionary artists, the main white room of the temple was dense with the potency of imagination made manifest.


Roberto Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Brigid Marlin, Pablo Amaringo, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Andrew Gonzalez, Guy Aitchison, Mark Henson, Roman Villagrana, Laurence Caruana, Daniel Mirante, Leo Plaw, Amanda Sage, Satoshi Sakamoto, Jarah Tree, Pablo Amaringo, Chris Dyer, Carey Thompson, David Heskin, Aloria Weaver, Eric Nez, Simon Haiduk, Julia Eldridge, St. Even, Amanda Sage, Kathryn “Ka” June, Andrew Jones, Andy Thomas (Android), Luke Brown, Imago Dei, Nate Valensky, Raul Casillas Romo, Valerie Lambert, Nemo Boko, Matthew Poplopski, Phidelity, Nikila Badua



photo : Galen : Manifest Media


We dialed in a program for the event illustrating the originals in the show. 




design : Lunaya : Guild Media Group


Besides art the event featured an amazing array of new school music providing a visionary dancefloor experience one an incredible sound system.


Music : 

An-ten-nae - Get Freaky

Heyoka - Mutimusic

Jah Culture - Jahsun and Stevie Culture

Knowa KnowOne

Lotus Drops - Street Ritual

DJ Christafari - Mt Lion Hi-Fi Sound


host for the night - Nikila- from Goddess Alchemy Project 



photo : Galen : Manifest Media 


Hosted and mc'ed by Nikila and Darian the night also involved a full fantastic fashion show revealing designs from a host of visionary designers.


Fashion show by Alchemetric featuring 



Jewel of the I

Alchemy Designs



photo : Galen : Manifest Media


See more pictures of the show at and

This was just the first chapter in an epic journey that continues in Seattle

in two weeks time. 


pod correspondent : delvin solkinson

most photos : galen 

production : roman and jennifer

alliance : jay and elizabeth


posted : 2009.May.07 @ 1.13pm


thanks for the drop Delvin.

nice to see it from up here in some sense.

posted : 2009.May.07 @ 3.04pm

Hi Pod Peeps, the Montreal chapter of the Interdimensional Art show is this Saturday and already Visionary art is making it inprint on our lil island city, for a first time. Im stoked. Wish you could be here, hopefully next year. Love n light, Chris!


posted : 2009.May.12 @ 7.15am
Looks amazing! Soooo wish the tour was coming to the midwest.

posted : 2009.May.19 @ 11.34am

More Pictures ......Please!

I'm totally missing the shows being here in Alaska.

posted : 2009.May.27 @ 11.45am

I would so love to see pix of the Seattle event form last weekend. Here some pix n press from the Montreal version of teh tour. Trying to spreat the movement the best possible over here. Bless up!



posted : 2009.May.30 @ 2.00pm

Interdimensional Art Show Seattle


Art Unifies.


Accessible to all peoples of world regardless of their educational background, language, culture or consciousness, the Spirit of the new Art has the ability to transcend many of the limitations that separate people. Helping to connect together a global community with the power of art, this facet of the jewel of being brings into focus the hopes of a humanity struggling through challenge to reach a harmonized future culture. With art representing five continents of the world, Tribe 13 is touring a reflection of a planet wide visionary culture whose spirit brings fresh inspiration to the fold.





Representing the chill vibes the west coast is famous for, beyond the incredible art work was an amazing lineup of djs, musicians, fashion designers and funk filled intrepids who wove a web of wonder across the urban cityscape of Seattles cultural infrastructures that night. This intimate gathering of like minded people was an open celebration of dancing, cheering and high vibrations. Collated by Herbanmama of Tribe 13 and Michael of Starborne Productions, the event proved once again that art has the power to inspire and unify. 



Combining forces with nemo of, wiping the sleep from our eyes which remained from the art show in Portland the night before, we layed out an intricate art market which we imagined a microgallery and altar honoring and sharing the art out beyond the event. 




We upped the media from the San Francisco show with an installation of bios for all 40 artists involved.



I was so stoked, in both Portland at Art Spirit and here in Seattle the many blessed Nikki helped me set up galactik trading card microgallery displays.




Blessed by a clear starry night, this event served as a beacon of light affirming our connection to each other and empowering the place of art on the cultural landscape of the wild west coast. This many faceted art tour culminates with a month long gallery show at Fenario in Eugene, Oregon during the month of June. There is an opening reception on June 5. 


Pod Correspondent : Delvin Solkinson

Photographs : Seth Wonner

Celestial Detailing : 





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