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posted : 2009.May.28 @ 1.14am

beautiful color therapoy Geo !

I am thrilled to see such flow..


posted : 2009.May.28 @ 6.23am

i can't get over how well fused the colors are in the carla piece...  this is my favortie piece of yours yet!

the geometries are exquisite, especially around the chakras. 

speaking of AJ and portraits, I'm hoping to see a new self-portrait of you sometime soon.

posted : 2009.May.28 @ 7.44am

suuuper juicy!


thanks for the tutuorial link.

I'm interested in learning more about speed painting with Photoshop and Painter.

did you buy the DVD for that tutorial or are you just referencing the sample?


stoked to see the flows pouring out!

posted : 2009.May.29 @ 3.59pm

nice coloring on carla, the purple and pink are juicy.


   is that a floating arcology?

   eye spy shen and aya.   Wink


posted : 2009.May.30 @ 1.32pm

incredible work!  it's amazing to see the evolution that's come about in a few months of steady painting.  your newer pieces are tight and have a wicked style to them.  Looking forward to more landscapes and archologies.




posted : 2009.May.31 @ 5.23am

Thanks for the love, guys Smile


Simon:  Yep, I bought/downloaded the full dvd, I think it's worth every penny, they even include a package of custom brushes with it.


Whew, just got home from doing visuals at Bass Chamber.  We experimented with some VJ mixing algorithms my friend Andrew Sorkin programmed in Jitter/Max MSP, shifting some of my pieces into crazy kaleidescopic fractal animations.  We also played with using feedback on Chryseph's camera, doing martial arts and contact juggling in front of the projector screen, watching the image repeat and spiral off into infinity.  Quite a visual feast!


Here's the latest...






I feel truly prosperous this year.  I have so much to be grateful for, I feel love for so many people and I feel it reflected back to me everywhere I go.  I feel joyous abundance with so much more on the horizon.  I wanted to express that feeling with this piece I started at Prosperity Festival.  It was the best night of my life, which is not to say that tomorrow won't be better Smile


This festival seems to call in some heavy shadow psyche material each year.  Two years in a row now, blood has been shed there.  Last year it was a cowboy, this year it was a hippy, but in both cases there were serious physical self-inflicted wounds that were symptoms of deeper psychological ones.  I won’t go into the darker details, but it seems to surface right where there are ample positive vibes from all the campers to help deal with it.  Strange, beautiful place.  The canyon walls are divided into bands and ridges that look like foreheads, eyes, noses, mouths, etc, as if the mountains are watching all the commotion go down.


The darkness that happened earlier in day was counter balanced by an evening of rapture and beauty.  I had an unexpected deep personal healing that Saturday night.  In the arms of the people I love most, waves of ecstatic bliss rising through me, I felt a two year old knot inside my sacrum give way, and before I knew it, my whole body was vibrating with an unknown force.  Though I was far from cold, I could feel myself shivering, teeth chattering.  I was quickened, my body surging with more energy than I have ever felt in my body at one time before.  I was having exquisitely beautiful visions of iridescent human eyes, folding and shifting and transforming within pyramidal geometry, decked with bejeweled scales turning to feathers turning to lotus blossoms. I quickly reviewed my memory for an explanation and realized I was having a Tantric Kundalini Awakening..


I started toning a powerful mantra, channeling that limitless energy through my voice into Self realization.  "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, OM NAMAH SHIVAYA..." 




The vibration continued for a long time. When it had passed, I returned to my painting, quietly signing to myself.  The experience left me feeling very humble and blessed.  The vibration returned at a significant point during a conversation I had with a friend while I was painting, showing me that it will always there for me to tap into.  I will devote attention to learning how to cultivate this.


Tomorrow is a big day.  More soon...



posted : 2009.May.31 @ 4.07pm

Phatt! This piece is great. Colors are fun, and lucious...

If any suggestions - I know it was a live piece, but to go in and tweak the anatomy on the mouth -

that would make the whole piece more appealing...  would be great to see those lips lucious and kissable.  Wink


Also little things can make a big difference - the crowd on the bototm left of the image is the same darkness as the foreground character.

Painting a few progressive layers of soft light atmosphere over different depths of the crowd and background scene

would really make the whole thing feel more like it's actually happening in 3D space, and make the foreground character pop!


Low bows.


posted : 2009.May.31 @ 4.30pm
Awesome, thanks for the feedback Phong. Smile

posted : 2009.Jun.02 @ 6.45pm



posted : 2009.Jun.03 @ 3.02pm

What I like about it (and please don't take offense to this) is that you are finally pushing away from the Android Jones clone a bit and into your own world. Don't get me wrong, I like your work and I am a slave to influence myself at times (aren't all artists?), but I think it's good to take that influence and then start to push it's boundaries into your own monster and you are definitely getting there!


Colors are fantastic.



posted : 2009.Jun.03 @ 3.33pm
Thanks Dusty, no offense taken at all Smile  I've known for a long time that I need to distinguish myself from Andrew and develop my own style.  I've read in various artists' resources that this happens on its own time with practice.  I've definitely been having some inspiration along those lines lately, I'm looking forward to sharing the results.

posted : 2009.Jun.11 @ 3.37am

Tonight I've been making some custom textures and calibrating photoshop hotkeys in preparation for a getting a speed painting rhythm down.  These are just quick experiments, mostly I'm exploring ways to maximize the versatility of the tools (hue adjust, free transform, warp, flip, rearrange, etc).  I focused on atmospheric lighting rather than surface rendering, I'll spend more time on the skies in the next batch so they don't look so flat.


My copyediting boss tells me there's about 3 weeks of work left to give me before it dries up.  I'm going to have so much more time for art.  I'll also have a nest egg to live on while I practice.








posted : 2009.Jun.17 @ 6.33pm

Would love to see more dynamic variance in the colors -

Colors are truly magical, show us how to behold them!



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