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posted : 2009.Jan.14 @ 5.27pm

AHHHHHHH teh first breath of life in teh POD for EXCELLEND well here we go

[Antipodal accelerant(StillSpace)Holosphere activated]
Vine Culture Magnify

Magnetic unity programm installed

144 Evolution Sustained

Step1 Taking over the Illusion and remanifesting reality

(Track)(Shadow fx-left of center)

What is being topicked here can be difficult to inderstand so for all of iou who are familliar with the dreamspell or (so called) mayan calendrics or teh 13:20 natural timing system, through this frequency is how the basics will be formulated, untill teh tree wishes to grow freely.

Center-- The Text known as the 260 postulates of the dynamics of time a transposition of the mayan kin or Tzolkin or 13:20 time vector potentioals, into instructive sequences of alignment.
Each of eh 20 Solar seals has a heading and each of the 13 tones navigates us through teh headings positions
this thread will be directly navigating the Atipode or challenging power or 3rd watch of the day or 5th force oracle.

The others if iou wish to track them , the Analog and Main daily Kin postulate entries are on other sites and if tracked will institute a basic training of intradna time travel that works beyond the knowing mind.
these areas are MAIN DAILY KIN go to blogs and search (all things time)
for the Analog entries also known as the helping power entries go to blogs and search (Holon activation through the 260 postulates of teh dynamics of time analog version)
there will be 2 others once the radion builds and they will be posted here.     ({[NAS nerve attinuation syndrom 80 gigs dna GENESIS]})

KIN 71 blue Rhythmic Monkey Anipode entry 260 postulates heading
1.6 or Red Rhythmic dragon (MOON OUT OF TIME){the perma DMT trip}

1 or Red dragon Heading Postulates of Time Governing Purpose and Levels of Consciousness of Evolving Bodies
1.6= Biological evolution tends towards states of being capable of sustaining conscious moments in time. Evolved biological entities capable of sustaining conscious moments in time trigger self-reflective consciousness or naive experiences in time. These naive experiences in time are catagorically reffered to as mystical experiences. Mystical experience is predisposed to to the naive experience of time because of teh intent to approximate GOD(Galactic Ordering Dynamic) the center and director of all intelligence.

(Track Ultravoice the second ring of power)
So in liue of evolving conscious bodies through the self reflective experiences of time there is a project  going on thats intention is to unify our 4th dimensional experience through masterong our own interpretation of our harmonic flowing into the endless ocean of the 5th dimension.
This project is teh construction of a multidimensional temple that matches the fully embedded energy grid structures of living intelligence of our Earth body, human body and galactic body, so that we as conscious semi telepathic biological entities can adapt to full telepathic connection of our earths time travel art ship. And sail teh cosmos.
We in fact as iou may all know are well on our way, but we have 1 great energy effect that is damning us and our earth culture to failure and this effect is known as
In our physical space we can only go so far untill false time and linear entropy kick in and sap the energy momentum, bringing us to the appointed cultural war paradigm of struggling for the power just to be inspired.
Thus far because of our spacial condition we have a deep power struggle going on in space or the 3rd dimension tat is reaking havok on our beautifull little earth.
The subsects of our culture have created pockets of semi sustained energy manifestation called religeon in hopes to augre in an unlimited supply of inspired energy(or living propellent or life fule). or our connection to the 4th dimension, or collective unconscious or collective dream, that witch wishes to be manifest but does not necessarily fit into the 3d logic laws of Beleife/manifestation, thus further subjecting us to Entropy and eventually the never ending laws of Karma.
(Track Insane creation Flow)
There is one basic fundamental law that we empower daily that does this to us as we create our own illogical destruction that is
we beleive to be 3rd dimensional entities who interacting in the 3d time space phenominon create inspired happenings wich turn into archetypes that with 3d reflection to not sustain laws of direct inspiration because we eventually return to the 3rd dimension to continue this inspiration but it does not hold the resonance to continue the inspired process of creation because the energy vibe is too low. So we end up taking and consuming again to just get back to a vauge memory of our experience of peak inspire exitation, like car trying to reach 4th gear but cant get out of 3rd and if it does the road cuts short.

There is a solution to this and this soulution is EXISTANCE AS A CULTURAL MEMBRANE IN THE ACTIVE 4TH DIMENSION
the 4th dimension also under the tite infinity , memory, time, archetype, imagination , myth, dream etc etc is a dimension that does not suffer the 3d laws of entropic behavior, thus if we as an individual and as a collective of many individuals were to anchor a 4th dimensional body in infinity and upload the main conscious energy cell of our self reflective existance into the 4th dimension then all of our basic energy need would be constantly manifest in an infintly un-entropic living state at one with all patterns of memory that exist inside the chosen 4d form.
We would no longer identify with Space time and life as an experience of DISTANCE or seperation.

The project eye am intruducing will do this at a rate anyone cann understand and fully embody.

(This being such a new topic and approach to the evolving state we exist in, please give me a few cycles for this to download to the tribe for there is no way to take it all in at once, its a self existing matrix and must be integrated as such.)
Give me time

posted : 2009.Jan.15 @ 6.23pm
Antipode Postulate for kin 72 Yellow Resonant Human
Antipode = 2.7 or White Resonant wind
Heading for 2 or wind = Variable Differences in Evolution in Time of Different Stallar Masses
Postulate 2.7 = What is true for the variable differences of stellar masses evoling in time to constitute a full spectrum order of conscious possibility at any given moment in time, is true for the sum of other galactic orders as a whole existing outside of the one in which we are located. All the Galactic Brains in their Myriad possibilities coordinated by GOD (Galactic Ordering Dynamic) reflect the full spectrum of an even higher order of evolutionary possibilies within the creative evolving universe governed by the law of time.

Thats a fun one for myself it goes to say that interactive evolving patterning we experience on earth and in our personal experiences are all fractally locateble origin points of supra galactic vector potential points, or trackable galactic origins.
Whetevr experiences we have here in our earth and solar system is only the whole systems interaction of a series of interwoven preexisting galactic seeds/ evolved systems through our sectors life/energy vibration laws.

This also approaches the concept of art forms as maps of teh cosmos and the patterning schema of their presentation can be observed and source patterns that can be tracked to origin points to uncover a greater message/ way of communicatio, interaction, with mass galactic culture.  in a KNOWN fashion.

Many of iou on here in fact have been inspired by endless degrees of intentional art and crazy shit for a while now, personally eye see this as a code of living intelligence seeding itself here in our perception to inspire the creation of a new interpretation method.

The Postulates are acting as naturally evolving descriptive headings to porpose to contain a creative coversation that eye wish to turn into creative action on teh evolving of a whole spectrums or neo world culture approach for now we will call this active dicussion fertalizing the NEO SEED this seed gets uploaded into a full spectrums Galactic post 2013 Mata Matrix Temple that exist a couple of time line vectors in a different saturation level iside and under the walls of fals time perception in teh collective unconscious.

Codes languages, strategies and full of laws of interaction and approach have been being crafted to allow this to land in our culture fully realized in roughly 3 years (fals time) to replace the social powerstruggle matrix we are using now.

this matrix has now proprogrammed with the DIRECT and FULLY STABLE time flux geometries that connect the core of our Sure Intra Galactic Brain and Culture, teh quest now is teaming up and collecting our vibration under a whole spectrums advanced yet REALLY GROUNDED approach of integrating this into our Art tribal culture and dripping in through earh grids into the mainstream for entir world reform in 3 years.

The project to date by many od us is known as the TEMPLE of MYTHOS

The basic interplay of this matrix temple is to create a MYTH (myth = container for active energy play) based upon certain natural patterns that mesh with the whole spectrums marix, thus co creating the ACTIVE fully aware LIVING LINNK to galactic culture on earth, and fulfilling teh prophecies of the end time in flying colores and whole healed earth with a revivel magnetic culture.

So as a Basic time travel challenge in teh dreamspell calendar system the Antipode part of teh daily kin today being 7 wind are time travel transposed as Moons in our future
precisly the first 7 moons we will experience aftr the pole shift and mag recal of 2012
the so called moon out of time representing the exact moment of change and new word order happened yesterday on teh challengiong or antipode power of the blue rhythimc monkey and that power was 1.6 or red Rhythmic dragon when this post was started as a time travel experiment.

Today is 2.7 resonant wind Antipode or later afternoon
tomorrow is 3.8 galactic night  Antipode or later afternoon
aftar that 4.9  Solar Seed
5.10 Planetary Serpent
6.11 Spectral World bridger
7.12 Crystal Hand
8.13 Cosmic Star

So these 7 codes are our KEY 4th dimensional time travel memory points in this 260 DAY CYCLE that we can grab now and do some conscious time travel   do during those codes what iou would want to be happening in the new era and be ready to receive what is already programmed in those codes wanting to come to iou if iou intentionally open up to them.

Thats it for today.
Much Love

posted : 2009.Jan.16 @ 2.49pm
Antipode Postulates for KIN 73 or Red Galactic Skywalker
Antipode = 18.6 or white rhythmic mirror
Heading for 18 or Mirror    (Travel to Parallel Universes , or Visiting other Galactic Brains.)
Postulate 18.6 =    Parallell Universes are co-existant thought-moments to whatever thought-moments evolving bodies in time may choose to experience and act upon. As such parallel Universes are capable of being experienced fleetingly in the conscious state, as prolonged visualization in continuing consciousness , and as a shadow store of imaginal choices for the super consciousness.

If we can collectivly hold a visualization the essence of the source of that visualization will inherently connect to the origin galactic body. Group meditation or visualization onder this heading or intetnion opens up entire causeways into galactic collective bodies of origin experience and communication.

(Track = E.V.P. - Holo Con )

So expressing this through the maintainance of the temple structure the temple phrase acts as a collectiv snap agreement of producing an inner sacred space recognition ( Temple = sacred space) so any activity in this gyre is for a different level of integration. Now the Predisposed chosen way of interaction with this temple id Myth. Myth being a container for sustained intentional meditation and creative function. Each participating myth could only even hear about this active setting if they had a predisposed frequency in this matrix setting, for the base frequency for this temple is the 4th dimension. So if iour reding this iour already interfacing the portal integrating the Temple fully into our reality. Thus meaning the temple becomes a collective agreement that our ways of sacred interface are seen as an interweaving of singular patterns to create a whole living matrix a tailored Acashic One mind supra body of post organic galactic intelligence. Through creating myths that are tailored to hold active the allocated patterns.

posted : 2009.Jan.17 @ 11.35am

Welcome to the fora Kodimus!!!


As always your drops are a worthy challenge to dig into


give us some pictures to keep it flowy... helps for reading long stuff

feel free to go back and edit the previous posts in this way


bows and blessings, my podular friend. 

posted : 2009.Jan.18 @ 11.04am

Antipode Postulate for KIN 75 or Blue Planetary Eagle
Antipode Postulate = 5.10 or Red Planetary Serpent
Heading for 5 or serpent = (The Law of Time and the Biosphere Noosphere Transition)
Postulate 5.10 = The entry into the biosphere- noosphere transition is a precisely timed and profoundly evolutionary moment in which the spiral towards full spiritual evolution is universalized. The immediate consequence of conscious realignment with the law of time and the auto regulatory mechanism of the biosphere , the psi bank, is the magnetic stabalization of the species and biopsychic triggering of the cirumpolar rings defining earths electromagnetic field.

The Noosphere is descibed as the earths mental envelope, as this profound evolution takes place our collective unconscious becomes fully conscious, up untill now (sow to speak) we have been taking the intermideary of the collective unconscious from  the expression of linear time or time as eye dont have enough give me more, because of our point in past and future we reflect as an infinitly finite locateable point alone and empty in space. This blurb goes to say that our evolution into the law of time is in fact a superconscious descsion/evolution to be aware of the transformation into a self regulatory self generating matrix of self maintained self existing perfection. Essentially we are all turnung into cosmic Wombs full of life to give, at a precise moment in generative exitation a being like Mytho boy over here augres in a new way to transduct the energy culminated through our personal reflection of cultivated natural frequencies on our own fractall matrix, into the new building blox of  a SUPERCONSCIOUS awareness conductor/collector/stabalizer, to use as grass roots for a new functional paradim.
The basis of wich is that in the 4th dimension if an active living cell gives ebergy to another it is giving energy to it self, so the paradigm of loss was only an illusion to a space fearing material hungrey culture of mindless fleshlings, scraping for rent to pay and creativly swindling each other in the name of personal evolution, covering for fear fed survival.

So in our culture all we truly have at break down when we are naked and have nothing, its the personal fluidity we have cultivated in our LIVING engagement with superconsciou stability, not with a race of machines we so eagerly apply our so called magic with, for after AYA takes off her mask and Shen gives here the news about her destiny she has to face the Cold Hard facts that she is weak and naked and in thus lies the true power, when we must face eachoteher for what we are. To take off our virtual mask, this whole Mytho trip is in fact re inventing that virtual mask into a fully integrated science of reality Avatar Creation, with the interaction of the dimensional elements and properly crafted dimensional bodies the powers that we imagined having in the times of the ancients will be our again as they were and have always been.
4d science collects what has always been active and real throughout all ages and all dreams and it is waiting for us as a ONE EARTH to claim our true mastered potential as timeship earth.

(can someone help me find a way to put images up on this crazy thing)

posted : 2009.Jan.19 @ 7.23pm

Antipode postulate for KIN 76 Yellow Spectral Warrior

Antipode postulate = 6.11 or white spectral World Bridger

Heading for 6 = Fourth-Dimensional

Human Tools for Development of

Interdimensional Telepathic



Postulate 6.11 =

The application of the three tools: Thirteen Moon Calendar (telepathic

biospheric stabilization); Telektonon (telepathic psi bank technology) and Dreamspell

(social-telepathic organizational form power), is a complete species-wide reform. This

comprehensive reform magnetically realigns the species according to the Law of Time

with the primal dialectic of crystal form and secondary reflex life, inducing a

spontaneous liberation of psychic energy as creative conscious realization. 


telektonon Board


Another mention of the Crystal capabilities of natural life force in dimensional integration. Basic programs that keep the crystal dialect of life active, for the basic function of active crystal matrices is non linear and is self encompassing in generative self functioning. Any mentation that is contrary to the existance of self generative matrixes of lifes crystaline natural existances, is in essence against life itself and will to be met in harmony must meet Death. The more powerfull the mental or active false timing concept is the quicker and more powerfull the death is that will meet and balance it. This is also a subtle heads up to all of our tribe for the Cybersphere that we use to supplant telepathy and the imaging technology we use to replace our open pineal glands or Fully open 3rd eyes, is a help now while chosing to continue the source of our seperation, but is only magnetizing the level of Death we must experience as our higher natural self brings forth the neccary changes to propell the level of natural human integration into our evolved natural culture. So we can hinder or we can help and all in all al this technology regardless of what we as a semi natural mecha culture beleive is in fact a hinderance that maintains levels of unconnectedness that will end in destruction. 


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