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posted : 2009.Jan.08 @ 9.50pm

Gaiacraft Permaculture Principles Card Deck

A dynamic set of learning and teaching tools for understanding permaculture in a new way. Mixing icons with definitions, this card deck makes a great addition to anyones permaculture practice. 
Permaculture Education uses poly-functional teaching tools that can work with people of all ages, educational backgrounds and experience levels. These tools help us to learn about permaculture and serve as curriculum enhancements to help us teach others about permaculture as well.

The Gaiacraft Permaculture Card Deck features many different principles of permaculture, illustrating with words and icons some of the basic and complex concepts that can be applied to any situation or site, design or decision making process. These cards can be utilized to help you understand the permaculture principles to a deeper degree, as well as evolving your ability to share this information with others.

These beautifully illustrated, full color, double sided cards are laminated so they can be used outdoors. Applicable to both beginners and advanced practitioners, this toolset is sure to advance your permaculture practice regardless of your previous experience. 
There are two ways that you can purchase this deck :





posted : 2009.Jan.09 @ 12.16pm

these cards are extremely attractive ... nice work! I even did a drawing of the Guilds icon and was suprised to see how many implied circles I overlooked before. haha. I've been thinking a lot about my relationship to my two roomates lately, and this was definently a focused influence full of new thoughts and directions for me. thank you.


last summer I managed a small garden for the first time, greatly inspired by the permaculture thread here, and enjoyed it quite a bit. since then I've moved and don't quite have the space or resources to apply any of this information, but before too long I'll be moving again and may find myself in a position to really put all of this information to greater use. so thank you again and I look forward to one day using these cards. but for now, best of luck to all of you on your projects.



posted : 2009.Jan.09 @ 12.26pm



thanks for your support!


you can produce quite a bit of food from a permaculture porch!


best of luck on your journey! 


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