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posted : 2008.Dec.23 @ 5.47pm

Hello all,

Upon the recommendation of Agape, I have provided the link to an album I have done recently called "Earthborn", complete with artwork done by one Albert Gray.

I hope it will find its way to some of your ears out there.

>> Earthborn


thank you





posted : 2009.Feb.27 @ 8.16pm

very poignant work ~ bittersweet symphonics of the earthsoul...  at times, i feel some of the stranger, more reclusive aspects of the gaian mind pouring out of this.  but then cedar, wind, clove is very soft and calming, nurturing.  so many heart emotions in this album.  i encourage a thorough listen peoples!


p.s. did we ever discuss Dougie MacLean?  see his website


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