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posted : 2008.Dec.16 @ 6.29pm

Hey everyone,

Ive been nerding out solo for quite some time and at Agapes recomendation I joined here to nerd out in public. Wink I wanted to share some of the latest projects I've been working on. This article is about the sketch I coded in Processing to visualize a number of interacting sine waves in a design-y manner. I control all the parameters with a midi controller in real time and save frames when I find stuff I like. Im working on a number of improvements including - saving and loading parameter files - iphone interactivity - mrmr controller template serving via bonjour - multi-user capability and OSC parameter output for object oriented sound. mmm mmm mmm



Sine wave Visualization




posted : 2008.Dec.17 @ 4.00pm

kris ~ this style of programming art is close to my heart,

is there a way you could sync it with music to create some levels of synesthesia?


I'd love to se a video of this in action and apply time effects

to see all the forms appear, come to life and gyrate-

even use the gyroscope in the iphone to control it dimensionally.


could you develope this into something that could be used forlive VJing?

 looks like fun!



posted : 2008.Dec.17 @ 4.18pm

Anything is possible really - The way this is coded now doesn't easily faciliate the controlling of parameters with musical data - it *could* but it would really detract from the emergent qualities of all the sine properties overlapping (including the sine cycling through the palette) but I do have the libraries in processing and know how to use the data from an audio stream. Im saving that for future projects. =)


I'm doing a rewrite currently which is more in line with the spirograph idea (ratioed gears and holes that will always return to the starting point) which will allow for static forms which can then be fed audio data *nom* - ideally the sines would all be proportionate to the BPM to allow for the most harmonious patterns. 


Ill post updates here as I code this







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