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posted : 2008.Dec.14 @ 3.17am

Whispers Beyond Cyntax



heres a new piece i just finehed

inner children boyntly witness intensions pass between adult constucts


posted : 2008.Dec.15 @ 8.22am

quite the vision, mark...  is this a watercolor?

interesting symbology, especially with the circle and the square.

if you deem it appropriate, it might be helpful to have some words/poetry accompany this piece.

posted : 2008.Dec.15 @ 9.16am

Great colors, detail and craftsmanship, Mark.

I am seeing a nice blend of anologue and digital here.

Any glimpses into your work process would be welcome.

posted : 2008.Dec.15 @ 3.10pm

Even third and fourth viewing I'm catching more details.

This piece is saturated with visual intent.


I would love to read a deeper description of what I'm seeing -

 Blessings to the piece!

posted : 2008.Dec.15 @ 4.22pm
thanx guys for ur coments,,,,,
as we press upon each other with our intensios
from our harts fly luminouse buteflyies that intermingle and cross over to be absorbed
in abeyance our harts await
so ive been reading this book caled
the art of stalking paralel perception by lujan matus
basicaly its about nagaul dreaming
prety cool stuff
so its kinda what inspired this peice
in it he talks about our iner child thats cloaked
by the shadows mind and the colective construct
of cognative systems of the adult self
here i try to potray the subtle comunications off direct language
of intension that is felt inside the body
the glyphical structure in the midle represents the inner observer
this gold one is the second version
the gold ,im trying to inject some hope that its all vibrationarily conected
as bio crystaline redio recievers
i took the scetch seperated the layers
gold aat the back at the front blue
then went thru deleting parts to reveal the one underneath
then i used the silohetes to creat some brushes that i used
for the streams of suble comunication
so this blue version , is the 1st version
prety much the scetch in th blue colerase pencils
tweeked in p shop with the clone tool to kep the original texture alive
keeping it as close to analogue as i can
with safron sunsets of peace

posted : 2008.Dec.15 @ 4.31pm


 blue scetch, original


posted : 2010.Jun.11 @ 11.26am

I love this man, post your latest work in hi-res. Its absolutely stunning!


Blessings my bro



posted : 2010.Jun.13 @ 3.19pm
Wow Mark I can't believe I didn't see this post before!  Those pieces are stunning and are very healing, Thank You!


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