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index « biological « Concept Visuals as Attractors for Visionary EcoCities

posted : 2008.Dec.01 @ 11.16pm

So, I'm really stoked about the idea of ecocities: cities that provide habitat for all species, not just humans. Cities are humankind's largest creations, so I'm interested in making incubators within them that support creativity, diversity, and uuuuh LIFE!!

A few sample images gleaned off the web to whet your whistle: (comments are below the images)


Auroville, India 





k, this is more of a hobbit house, but the style can be incorporated into eco-cities... check out the site, SO BEAUTIFUL!


root bridge 

root bridge in india: Ummonoi.html 








hivehive style! 



have you all heard of any concept artists that play around with these ideas?


I'm talking to people in Seattle about starting an ecocity incubator of brainstorming document is here (called Seattle Community Center):







posted : 2008.Dec.30 @ 2.14pm

monolithic studios?

very diggable concept and some expressive art.....looks like they do alot of magazine covers for wired and scientific american....

It seems they might be the right people to work on some ecocity concept visuals....but it also looks like they work for food/clothing/shelter. 



beautiful decay



posted : 2009.Feb.17 @ 4.17pm

Such a good idea... !


Check this ~ we could take photos of various cities and paint over them or do concept art off of them.  Probably should be at scales where one can actually see recognizable features of the city, but also close up enough that one can see the eco : ness.


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