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posted : 2004.Oct.09 @ 8.58pm
all my thoughts drift to art
when will it make sense?
in the past tense??
when the world waddles in the present
waiting for the inconsistent
devouring time
i drink it with lime
and a little extra spice
time for livin
describe the giving
rhyme the stipulation
brain constipation
it spills forth in a torrent
ripping all that is apparent
too shreds
maybe shreddies
no one cares
when all stare
at the blatant discrepancy
in inconsistancy
i ate a burrito this morning
it ended the waiting
for the next meal


a stream and a line
that drags on in time
that can be so fluid
road and paths
wander on
for eternity
walk them if you wish
they are many
when the resolute satiates the desire
find a new beaten path
describe whats there
the archetype of bordem
when the present is tasted with salt
try tequila
therein lies the vice
which will make us mice
spining in a wheel
going on for ever
around the spiral
of mainstream
toilet bowl analogies
which describe the anthologies
left by some person
but if you follow it down
the drain
into the comunal thought train
you'll see
i'm not the only passenger
just a plagerizer
finding my own intellectual property
i claim it in the name of art
lower case
in there we see truth
in detail
too overpowering
to recall
there is nothing left at all

just a thought stream flowing to the ocean of emptiness

posted : 2005.Jan.24 @ 6.54pm
This life is the projection of awareness into gross manifestation
Spawning an eternal state of distraction from
A wild storm of empty thoughts
Sucking energy to perceive
Form in the contrast
Between the elements
Oscillating frantically
To generate the illusion of substantiality
Which finds itself interesting enough
To propagate.

posted : 2005.Jan.25 @ 10.11pm
lets go
on a magic carpet ride
to the otherside of nothingness
to see something
to float in tidals
is to live in riddle
when all is there
let all be described
etched into stone
embossed in paper
it all deterioates
and gets recycled
back into creation
and all that is wild
to manifest all that is destined?
in one brief moment
would it calm the chaos?
into something tangible
or just unleash all the variables
its there
the reason to walk
there to see
lets talk

posted : 2005.Feb.23 @ 10.45pm
went walking the other day
past some freckled pebbles
over some small hills
across a furlong of tall grass

there were birds singing amongst the diesels
moss growing in cracks between bricks
light of new life shining down from dreams
uncanny is nature in its subtle ways

time to loose focus for a while
find out where this coaster is rolling
shouldn't be that hard
follows tracks anyone can see

posted : 2005.Mar.08 @ 9.39am
I turned that rock over
hundreds of times
looked inside the grooves
the spots and the lines
I turned it over a thousand times
but I never thought I could drop
drop drop it.
What's with looking
forward to staring,
and dissapointments
glaring in from out and in from in to
in to out?
This is expected discrepancy,
my mind open to all sorts
of critical, tempestuous
tempted coaxing, but altogether
trailing behind because in the end
I will stop turning it
around and over and
fiddling with
and poking, scratching
aching and folding
to that rock
and I'll drop
it, with the rest
A strength inside
will reveal it
drives the world and myself,
to the edges of
time, it's time!
My friend, you must
know there's just me.
How can I hold this mind
against you?
Our time is to be had together
not in anger or dejection.
Mine is as good
as yours.

posted : 2005.Mar.08 @ 12.01pm
absorbed by the self
i'll sometimes be
in moments of weakness
and in times of strength
then it flows
out like a river
shot as an arrow from the quiver
conciousness leaves
the nihilist is left with his nothing
the existentianlist, his nothing topped with something
the wanderer found his questions again

the tragedy
the triumph
explode in a moment
a blip in personal dialouge
a momentary blemish on the blanket
of a singular reality
fractures into many
and gets pieced together again
only to get broken
a never ending search for an answer to:
what, where, how, and sometimes why


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