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posted : 2008.Nov.07 @ 5.42pm
After a devastating hard drive crash in which i lost my entire portfolio including a new design for my site, i have finally finished. It's hard to loose 8 years of work, but after much moping about, i finally pulled myself together. All i can say is I'm glad i had the entirety of my photography backed up on another drive. Phew!

Check it out, and stay tuned as I'm always updating my photo journal.

posted : 2008.Nov.08 @ 12.12am

That is one stellar looking website. I love how you broke the mold and laid it out on the X axis, it is very unique and very captivating. The chosen earthtone pallet and accompanying vector designs are perfect. Any plans to make a music player for those beats you have been creating?  The only thing I would suggest would be to make the images in your Lightbox galleries into groups, so you can click on the left or right side of each image to navigate forward or backward instead of having to close and re open the next, you know for us impatient ones.  But i really like the website, good things like that take the time put into it. 


Nice one!





posted : 2008.Nov.08 @ 4.45am

pox!  niiice design, the horizontal layout is sweet.

excellent colors and usability.


I would love to see a weekly or even a monthly

photo journal post on pod, to feature the highlights...

I think it would help draw viewers back to the gallery too.


good work!

low bows to the flow.

posted : 2008.Nov.08 @ 10.03am

That's what I call a comeback!

Nice evolved hybrid style, great colors, tons of stuff to explore!

I hope the new site brings much novelty and opportunity your way.


... and, what Phong said.  More Pox on pod!

posted : 2008.Nov.09 @ 2.46pm

erik, Thanks for all the good feedback. I felt like i've been hooked on blue for ages, so going earthy was much more enjoyable. I think a music player would be a great addition. The nice thing about the design is that i can just keep adding to it, make additional sections. I'll get on setting the light box to groups. I had thought about that but decided not to, but then now i see the need as there are many more pictures put up then I had orginally planned.


Phong, thanks man, means a great deal to get compliments from you. I think a more regular pod presense can be atained by me at this point. 

Air, Thanks a bunch, i hope this brings more work my way, i'm hurtin as far as work flow goes.



posted : 2008.Dec.02 @ 9.51am
Glad to see 2 of the big 3 sites back online..., and now if only would come back, but I guess pod collective is the new incarnation of the beast. Either way, welcome back!

posted : 2008.Dec.04 @ 8.15am

i'm really getting into the horizontal layout--this is an excellent example of the potential!  why is it that websites have been predominantly vertical?  i no get it...

congrats on the new site duder.


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