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posted : 2004.Oct.06 @ 3.45am
greetingZ, i'm doktor J.
it is an honour to be invited into the flora...
where such d0pe vibes seem to be radiating from.
there's alot of sick art already posted here which
has totally caught my eye. I look forward to meeting
many of you in person some day.

much peace,
much respeKt.

doktor J
Shocked Shocked

see a bigger one in my gallery...

posted : 2004.Oct.06 @ 7.19am
Wonderful burst of, crystal, green light;
in water, flowing, what a delight!

(pretty bubbly fish)

Welcome to the Fora, glad you are here!

posted : 2004.Oct.17 @ 1.01pm
a thousand bows, luminous ally ~

welcome to the fora dreamspace
let the visionary flood gates burst forth

posted : 2004.Oct.26 @ 9.26am
nice to meet you doc

posted : 2004.Oct.26 @ 2.58pm
your art makes my head spin faster than a pulsar, i love it.

posted : 2004.Oct.26 @ 10.04pm
reflected echoes of emerald gridspace
echoed reflections of the quantum field
conversational photoshop freestyle
as words fade away...

posted : 2004.Oct.28 @ 9.27pm
Greetings Dr.J !

Air, scrolling up and down over your post makes me feel kinda funny

posted : 2004.Oct.29 @ 12.25pm
Very nippular.
let your eyes glide upon the flirtatious elevations...

and hold on.

posted : 2004.Nov.02 @ 11.14am
Hey Air!

Wanna give some secrets away?

Question Howdjadothat? Question



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