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posted : 2008.Mar.19 @ 7.03am
Greetings Podlings!

Are any of you/us going to Lightning in a Bottle, May 23-26 in Santa Barbara, CA?

I'm interested in coordinating a camp for the Pod Collective and getting to know one another via face-time and physical presence, share work, brainstorm and chill. Even if you already have a camp, let's coordinate a time to meet in person and connect.

Up, up with Cocreation!


posted : 2008.Mar.19 @ 7.29am
Yay, Sunny!
Thanks for starting this!

April and I are going with our friend Kim. Got the tix just now.
Last year so many friends were rocked by this mystical gathering.

podular trance:mission uber shout out tech
Any podlings looking to ground out the weave on the
Earthplane amidst the deep Left Coast elvish flow meet at LIB.

posted : 2008.Mar.26 @ 10.59pm
Me too! And my bandmates and the Shimmy Sisters.

posted : 2008.Apr.08 @ 8.13am
I am going, too!

posted : 2008.Apr.10 @ 8.38pm
my girl and i will be going too.

posted : 2008.Apr.10 @ 9.19pm
Great to see your responses! Our SLC tribe had a meeting tonight about LIB. We have quite a pod of AMO Tribe representing...around 25!

I think (at the least!) it would be great to get some podling face time while our physical forms are all within close proximity to one another. When could this work? Like a meet-at-the-flag-pole sorta thing...say Sunday afternoon sometime?

Anyone doing cool art and/or workshops, performances?

I think I'm bringing several large paintings, 2 giant inflatable sculptures and perhaps doing a workshop. We're also considering setting up an airbrush bodypainting setup in our camp. Many of our tribe are amazing stilters and performers too.....lots going on...and possible opps for collaboraton....


posted : 2008.May.17 @ 10.29am
I'm down for a POD meeting time and spot. MAybe before one of the workshops at the workshop location.

posted : 2008.May.21 @ 1.43pm

I am camping somewhere in the Mushroom or Asparagus Patch, with around 20 others.

Our friend Gage is doing the Ambient Octagon, which has 8 projectors and screens. After midnight there is ambient acoustic music and I'll probably go by there and play a bit.

We will have a sign in our camp that says "danyavaad". If you see it, be sure to stop by Smile

posted : 2008.May.21 @ 2.09pm
I'll be camping with Wolfie and crew. Maybe he'll have his Sigil flag up or something.

posted : 2008.May.21 @ 8.18pm
Hey All,

We'll be in the RV area somewhere. We'll have a Toyota tundra Truck...maroon with trailer in camp...SLC crew called AMO. Also, come meet up at my workshop Sunday 8:00-9:30 PM. I look forward to meeting you in person!

Much Love,


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