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posted : 2008.Jan.04 @ 5.17pm
hello dear ones!

in honour of this blessed new phase
and all the many changes that have occured
and will occur in my person
i have decided to change my name

the person formerly known as Lyoness Silverbirch
is now Lunaya Shekinah

I still keep all my previous names
they are always a part of me
as time is an illusion, of sorts

but here now she comes to you adorned with a new mythos
lady of the moon, soul spirit, divine feminine, planted
always here
illuminating the new myth


Lunaya Shekinah
Lyoness Silverbirch
Light Science

posted : 2008.Jan.05 @ 11.56pm
thank you lunaya shekinah, lyoness silverbirch.... you're unstoppable. inspiring. i bow deep into the earth source of the imagination. what's in a name! wow i walk through the door you've opened... and living proof leaves here in a scintillating display of madness - sylvain is return. whew it is always a refreshing blessing to hear from you dear silverbirch... with your great ideas... i am as if in thanks perpetual! with love always Sylvain <---loosely translates to : wandering bandit of the woods avar!

posted : 2008.Jan.06 @ 12.08am
wandering bandit of the woods... i love it!!!

sylvain is really really nice : very elvish and elegant. although i also liked living proof.... even though it kinda begs the question living proof of what exactly? haha : well living proof i'm sure of something truly wonderful. thank you sylvain.

i love the name silverbirch too. actually it's interesting the reactions i've gotten : many people have emailed me in reply saying : NOOOOO!!!!!! we love the name Silverbirch!!!

hahaha Smile

oh well i'm still changing it : but i am reminded that every name really does stay a deep part of me forever.

i first got the name lunaya while i was on an 8 day medicine diet where i ate nothing but fish rice plantain, (water) and a tea made from silverbirch bark. it was a special week designed to deeply bond with the spirit of the silverbirch tree, and funnily enough, i guess i went so deep into it that i came out the other way. i suppose that's best!

this is the name that i will keep for practical use in most aspects of life from now on. i don't care how much i want to change my name again i'm not going to do it!

posted : 2008.Jan.06 @ 12.12am
here i'll post this ::: i wrote this quite some time ago really ...

here's something i wrote on request for my friend nemo. i would love to hear anyone else's ideas about this topic : it interests me very much

thoughout my life i've had a few different names. i resonate with the native american tradition of choosing your name yourself, after reaching a certain age, so that it can truly reflect your more matured nature, while at the same time i love the way that parent chosen names can somehow magically reflect aspects of the soul that aren't even visible yet. even more than the native american tradition, i resonate with the elvish tradition in JRR Tolkien's mythologies, especially the silmarillion, where in the elvish tribes, names are chosen by oneself or others at major transitional phases of a person's life, in order to crystalize an important aspect of the life journey.

personally i have taken on many names, several that i use only in very specific situations, specific to the context of how the name came to me, and a couple that have been central to my life. of these most central names, i have three, and i think of these as an ecology : one for mineral, animal and plant : amy, lyoness and silverbirch.

amy was given by my parents, and while the first intention with that name was for it to mean beloved, i have come to think of it as short for my favourite crystal, the amethyst. the second came to me the moment i woke up from my first lucid dream. lyoness became my name after, in my dream state, i allowed myself to be eaten by a huge lyoness who had been chasing me and my family in a long dream sequence. silverbirch was given to me by a most loving being who i met in england, and for years i didn't think i would use it, until i moved to a land where silverbirch trees are native and grow abundantly, and it felt immediately perfect to ground into this new name, in this new phase of my life.

for me a name is a poetic invokation of a very specific archetypal form, and more than that, an announcement of its presence. i feel that names both shape and are shaped by the experience and nature of the individual, regardless of weather they are given with that intention.

one important way for me that it makes sense to choose unique names in a person's life, is in order to deliberately bring out existing qualities and experiences. words have incredible power, and when a word is associated with a person, it can significantly change their life. for example, it was important for me to change my name from lyoness to silverbirch, in order to support myself in entering into a phase of grounding out, and becomming more patient and still, like a tree. the silverbirch tree is also referred to as the ladder to heaven, and this celestial metaphor is very meaningful in my personal journey. i have truly felt this name shape this time in my life into a more consciously grounded flow, committed to my work in becomming more integrated and focused in my spirituality.

this name has also brought me closer and closer to the silverbirch tree, as another very special life in the world. as i explore how this tree lives and behaves more and more, i come to see so many more key metaphors about my own life : i find the process expands my notion of who i am in relationship to the world around me.

the stories behind how my names came to be are so beautiful and diverse. it can be tremendously special to recieve a name from someone who i love and respect, or interesting to recieve one from a stranger, who has a moment of insight. my own names, while self created, often come in these flashes of inspiration, at moments when i am particularly emersed in the many dimensional spirit of myself and the world around me. i have taken many of these, translated them into Tolkien's elvish language, and made them into a song about the nature of my soul, and i have often simply played around with contextual and fun variations on the name i have at the time. i often joy in signing my poetry or emails with a variation on my name, such as silvershine or lady of the birch. anything to explore what the name means and can mean in my continually morphing experience.

many blessings


posted : 2008.Jan.07 @ 10.05am
My name is Aaron Rix.

When I was a very young my Grandpa would call me Air.
It's the "first syllable" of Aaron. That's as deep as it goes.
I love my name and will never seek to be called anything else.

On the technical side...

Aaron : shining light, high mountain, messenger
Rix : king, ruler

posted : 2008.Jan.07 @ 6.18pm
air you rule!

there's something pretty solid about sticking with one name that i appreciate as well

i'm going to do that from now on.

i want to rewrite the above article. so much to do Smile

in fact i'll mention that nemo is collecting articles on this topic so if anyone would like to write some paragraphs, from your own personal perspective and what it means to you, i think that would be useful.

posted : 2008.Jan.07 @ 6.21pm
blessed be, there's a world of haven in a name.

sylvain is like a ladder to heaven metaphor as well,
because it has seven letters.

not nearly as still...but pretty still nonetheless

because i like letters, i would like to
try out that writing project.

nemo's been contacted, the journey's underway!

posted : 2008.Jan.08 @ 9.17am
just to be sure then that i got this understood

i am to write from my point of view, what names are and can be?
with reference to whatever sources i find and approve
and then send it over to nemo?

initials are a cool aspect to connect to, by the way!
mmmm....invokation and many levels to play with.
words are advanced play things....
thank you very much

posted : 2008.Jan.08 @ 12.35pm
hi sylvain!

i think just writing about your own personal view on the meaing and signifcance of names and naming
based on your own experience
if you post it here i will show nemo Smile

posted : 2008.Jan.16 @ 10.57pm
My name is Jacob Aman.
I am a man (50% sure).
From a different perspective, I could be an anti-man (eek!).
Jacob Ammann was the founder of the Mennonite / Amish tradition,
and I have a deep longing for nonviolence.

posted : 2008.Jan.26 @ 9.58am
greetings and blessings to all podular folk to begin, thank you for the opportunity to explore the mystifying depths of meaning of my name and to share what i found there. It's not that i'm so totally self-absorbed that i keep digging for meaning in my name, i just think it's a fruitful utilization of the spectrum of information... there are just such interesting things to glean from such a questing, and if anything permit the use of language, which is a gift of the highest order, in an exploratory way. join me as i systematically take apart my first and last name and unearth meanings that have 'til now remained obscure. Deconstructing Sylvain (pr. sil- vin) In keeping with the program, i am going to analyze the contents of my first and last name as usefully as possible. There are, as I have come to identify, correlates between my name, and the way that life has unfolded for me until now (though all crystallized reflections will come to be transcended by the ever dissociative flow of immanence. sylvain sy : it's the beginning of a lot of cool words like symbol, synchronicity, synapse, syntax. * sorry no footnote to more sy words :in represents the solitary contemplative aspect that was most strongly upheld in childhood. it also means being embedded : in touch : volved :v roman numeral five is in the center :vain represents my vanity and self-regard (i am attracted to mirrors) :va in the french, va means go. dynamism is always good! :in totality, my first name means 'of the woods' and i recognize that as a fundamental aspect of my own. i have not spent too much of my life in the woods, and when i find myself there again, i experience joy that i find differently in cities and suburbs. my name is also derived from the roman forest god, silvanus. also, as stated prior, my first name has seven unrepeating letters, like roygbiv...or the seven main colors of the rainbow. nicknames at 16 i was called sly by a good many, which was demonstrative of an arguably sophisticated rowdiness. that one goes happily unused. silly has surfaced with some friends as a term of endearment. i also enjoy the name sylv, and i do savor the creative newness of a never before heard nickname. this has not always been the case, however. when i was in kindergarten, somebody called me silver, and it distressed me. i have stood back and pondered why this could be, and i have decided that i wasn't ready to bear this name. i got angry because i did not want my sylvattitude to be perturbed. i was reluctant to embrace higher ideals as a youngster, and the ambivalence of sylvain permits for some mischief. silver is a name that calls me to live up to the gleam of its splendor, so naturally i refused it. this is how i interpret that incident, and it sets me open again to the goodness of silverdom. plainly  when it comes to my last name, i have recently gotten in touch with an estranged cousin who shares this name, but does not implement a hyphen. he has told me that our relatives of a few generations ago used to live in an alpine area of france called Mouthe and would receive people on pilgrimages, and that [removed] expresses the great cold of that place. [removed] refers to the walking and wandering aspect. heat from within. In terms of how i interpret my last name from a personal standpoint, mal represents for me the pains and burdens upheld. now within that same word is also contained the word alf, which is representative of the lovable extraterrestrial sitcom character from the eighties, and thus my silly sense of humor and joie-de-vivre. roy is old french for king. the hyphen is like an invocation of humor it's a playful game to extract meaning... in the end, i feel it is helpful to plumb the depths of what a proper name means, because it's a central point of identity to sharpen one's freedom of interpretation in this world of plenty. it also means having nothing touching it all, and a name is doing its work when it can be forgotten, and make way for other objects/space. but it can also affect the day to day in subtle and overt ways. <---cool site i found when searching for outside sources on the significance of names. there is a name analyzing engine there that yields salient results. names, according to this philosophy are central in determining the life story of its bearer. thank you across infinite oceans of sentience blessings sylvain ps. i don't have any idea what my names gemstone be, though if i had a particular stone, i venture to say it's the sapphire. at least, as a word, it works. and Jacob: where does Agape come from? it makes me think of that great terrifying openness that churns....

posted : 2008.Apr.05 @ 11.10pm
you can call ME a name!

posted : 2008.Apr.07 @ 12.17am
names can never hurt me Smile


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