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posted : 2004.Jul.16 @ 5.25am
Greetings to your eyes and ears and welcome to the Fora. Main Entry: fora plural of FORUM Please disregard your conditioned expectations of what a forum consists of. The Fora shall contain a collective of artists engaged in maximal orgiastic creativity! Rock Feel free to blast your fellows with the love Pulsing Love of your cosmic reflections. The Fora shall grow on the premise of invitation, to the benefit of it's collective state of consciousness. A reasonable number of cells dwelling in the Fora shall invite a particular individual before their account is activated by the central nervous system [of administration]. This is so that users are related through established relationships, and focused to strengthen and expand these networks of artists which have naturally arisen. Note: Signatures have been disabled to reduce conditioned pattern behavior. Double posting of the images or words of another podling will be discouraged. HTML and stylesheets are enabled to allow for quality presentations. Avatars to be 64 x 64, no animated gifs Please use borders on images. Buddha Enter the Meta. Buddha

posted : 2004.Dec.30 @ 10.31pm
holy shit

air and phong
you are fu#*(@) superheroes
the pod RULES

the dream of our civilization
is about to be disrupted by the true frequency of life
and in its wake
the replanting of the planet,
revitalizing our race,
and returning to the garden culture of harmonik co-existence
that mumurs in our tribal genetics
and that will be super charged by the synergetic application
of our technological evolution and natural intelligence

the pod is a vessel of transport
to take us into the future
it brings evolutionary transformations into our midst
linking together the global networks of new cultures
a true access point for authentic paradigm refinements

the pod is an empowering toolset for the emerging post-civilization
a remix module for revisiting the spirit of the human adventure

with a flight crew that spans the globe
designers, artists, musicians, poets, philosophers,
eco-warriors, lawyers, magicians, hackers, lovers,
dreamers, visionaries...the crew manifold grows daily

spreading information like life seeds
the pod is an applied form of spiritual practice
whose healing potential is a land mark in our collective battle
to redeem our race and save our planet

i bow low Idea

posted : 2005.Feb.07 @ 11.34am
Just wanted to say thanks to Anson and Aaron, for making the most inspiring little place on the web. I dont know how I made it through my days without the Pod before...


posted : 2005.Feb.08 @ 1.58pm

Spoken wisdom creates a collective vision,
projecting the inner flow
telling what is good.


And this re-occurance sprouts


I dedicate each post as
a space to channel Om.

Challenging to dig within
and see where we were born.

This force of expectation
is a challenge to us all,

to make the subtle gross,
and manifest our best!

Just as the body is a temple
and garners our respect,

the Fora is a body,
so may we find the flow within
to it's enlightment.


posted : 2005.Oct.14 @ 2.38am
I take pride in my membership to THE Pod fora. Thank you Air & Phong. Keep up the great pride! I'll back you up, you're not alone.

posted : 2005.Dec.16 @ 12.22am
my intention

is to post with honesty, art:iculated in as clear and as loving a way as possible
to encourage others in their applications of ness and connection to nessence
and to learn as much as i possibly can from you beautiful, activated pod:lings

is tha om shanti, into a unified vibration, of meta:ecstatic pod:ling inter:activation

Rock lyoness

posted : 2006.Mar.16 @ 1.38pm
power of the present.s
wow..i just found this space..of evolutionary grace
and feel like i'm in a huge squishy marsh:mellow room
where all thoughts come to play
and eyes are focused on the great big crystal
that is dreaming all of this
and giggling at our discoveries....
from my feet to my my hands to my lips
and power to the peacefull

posted : 2006.May.15 @ 7.42am
This is a sweet webspace for collective creativity!

I am new to forums however,
any reason that when I am
logged in i see the HTML code
people are posting? Seems to me
the only way to view pictures and
such is to actually log out of my
account? Is this normal or do I
have to change some setting?

much appreciation.

posted : 2007.Dec.23 @ 7.57pm
Sweet: essence!

* Very grateful to be a participant in this flow.... * Love's something to recognize *
Freedom grows in its throes....

posted : 2008.Jan.02 @ 7.56am
Many threads on the Fora have and will continue to be moderated.

Shhhh, whisper... when you do make posts, post your phattest artwork and impress eyeballs,
taking the sacred moment to interact with people's perceptions.
Think quality rather than quantity. Little nectar drops.

Remember there's some incredible artists around the world watching everything you post
and so best to moderate yourself and only let your most refined nuggets project...

Just imagine the fora is a stage and as many people who view the posts are watching...
how would you act infront of 1000 mastered artists who are watching your every word?

Let that be the mindfulness flowing forward on the fora.


posted : 2008.Jan.04 @ 12.02am

Frog Buddha

posted : 2008.Apr.04 @ 8.36pm
Showering droplets of green dew
upon my imagination's fingertip
I hear the optical imagery pouring
musical dance into knowing
ancient returning open new awakened
Pure NOW art true to vision through action~
Thank you for this expressive outletdreamchallenge
all of you inspire ~~~~ : :Idea


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