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posted : 2008.Feb.20 @ 8.14pm
nice original style flowin there
very cool.


posted : 2008.Feb.24 @ 10.08pm
xavi - I like your idea of punching holes through the graphics and
layering in some sense of place. Here is one with an attempt at a little more depth,
still haven't pinpointed a location yet... To infinity, and beyond!!!

posted : 2008.Feb.25 @ 5.04pm
Hands in the air, best piece you've delivered to my eyes!
Layering the spiral over the mirrored structures totally deepens.

posted : 2008.Mar.09 @ 3.39pm

posted : 2008.Mar.14 @ 7.22pm
here's another five second photoshop built animation...

» synchro:ness.movcosmic zipper: looped motion study

posted : 2008.May.06 @ 4.12pm

posted : 2009.Feb.10 @ 5.41pm

Greetings fellow podkind!

It has been a long ten months since my last post, during which my cybercondom broke
and a virus wiped all of my executable files. Fortunately my data and image files were still intact,
but everything normally stored within the programs themselves,
(i.e. - custom brushes, shapes, gradients, styles, etc.) all of that was gone forever.
Now I periodically copy those internal folders to a backup drive for safe keeping.

All in all it was a rather distracting and uninspired year for me. It has taken some time to rediscover the wonder.
A recent short trip to S.E. Alaska helped, as has an increasing amount of quality posts here in the fora.
Esteemed acknowledgements and gratitude to all. I have been modestly motivated to return to the flow.
Like getting on a bike after not riding for some time, it is a little wobbly at first. Here are a few recent attempts...

test pattern
while building this next image I was pondering my missing brushes...

ever wonder what you would see if the stuff inside your eyeball was visible?

world made of stars
sagittarius A ~ dancing at the core of the galaxy
invisible sun
fire water earth and air
with a slight tweak to the last image, I happened upon this...

posted : 2009.Jun.15 @ 3.44pm



posted : 2009.Jun.16 @ 9.18pm

Awesome! The last piece reminds me of some 40,000 yr/old rock art figures I saw way out back of australia. Timeless other-beings......

I love your textures and color choices in the first of these three......

posted : 2009.Sep.02 @ 7.37pm

posted : 2009.Sep.02 @ 9.44pm
Z your art is shpongling me ...

posted : 2009.Sep.03 @ 1.22pm
can i add atmospheric effects to the last one?

posted : 2009.Sep.03 @ 3.16pm
Hey Jacob! 
(laughs) I know what you mean! I think what takes the most time when drawing these is how often I catch myself just staring at the screen.  As far as adding your nessness, knock yourself out. I'd like to see what you're seeing.  If the posted image doesn't work for you, e-mail me.

- Z.


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