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posted : 2007.Nov.01 @ 5.40pm
Greetings podlings!
Here are 3 new tracks I've made over that last few months.

Made the beats with Ableton live, played guitar, some whispering vocals, and some other samples. Starts out chill, but then the march to battle begins!

Made entirely of samples from other songs. I scoured my MP3 library and assembled the pieces in Ableton. Main part of the song (acoustic guitar riff) is Kyuss (I think... maybe Queens of the Stonage, I forget!). Most of the other samples are very short samples.

Chanting, breakbeats, electrodrums. Another micro-mixture of samples from many various songs.

I have a few more songs in the works. These will have me playing more and sampling less. Tablas with heavy bass. Inspired by the Entheon dome at Burning Man.


posted : 2008.Mar.04 @ 4.33pm
tiki tiki

makes me think of riki tiki tavi


posted : 2008.Mar.04 @ 5.28pm

Super dig it! All of it.
How did I not get in here sooner?
You have come a long way fast in the song making department.
Lots of good music is bouncing around inside the fora. Keep it up!


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