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posted : 2008.Mar.04 @ 4.22pm
Hello podlings,

The Sacred Language is the result of an ongoing lifelong study of World music and explorations in global self-discovery.
Over the Last 12 months I have embarked upon documenting and sharing my musical discoveries through The Sacred Language CD series.
Began in January 2007 and since with 4 releases: ~INDIA ~ASIA ~AFRICA in 2007, and hot off the press ~PERSIA January 2008

enjoy the good vibes and music from the heart
all live tracks, no samples, no loops, no cut and paste, human spirit and feel!!

the Octopus

next up for The Sacred Language: EUROPA, CELTICA, AMERICA & finishing with a massive fusion explosion GAIA

Upcoming Performance: The Sacred Language | DeFever | DJ Sandbag | Shimmy Sister's
April 6th @ KAVA Lounge, San Diego


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