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posted : 2004.Oct.27 @ 5.33pm
These are a few I took in sedona last weekend.
I was having a tough time because I couldn't seem to capture even the tiniest fraction of how amazing this place actually is. But here are a few attempts.

I know you guys have some good connectors somewhere, especially you graffiti taggers Wink

This one is taken at one of the famous energy vortexes, they built a church right smack in the center of it. I could feel the energy better in the parking lot than I could in the chapel...

posted : 2004.Oct.27 @ 5.36pm
Cheers Very nice, melo.
As long as we're gettin' wide...

posted : 2004.Oct.27 @ 5.50pm
Hey thanks! Beer Toast
I love how the far right pic is detached from the sequence and how each shot is framed.
it would be so nice to be there right now...

posted : 2004.Oct.28 @ 10.08am
yay, snow is falling!

posted : 2004.Oct.28 @ 9.24pm

posted : 2004.Nov.03 @ 6.17pm
awesome! I'm guessing this is the grand canyon?

posted : 2004.Nov.04 @ 6.08am
Nice Pans guys, here is mine from last winter on the bay.

posted : 2004.Nov.04 @ 8.15am
Yo melo,
That is Utah, on my way to Aspen last summer.

posted : 2004.Nov.04 @ 9.30am
Ry- wow utah looks nice!
my #1 dream right now is to go check out the whole country. 2005 is going to be the year of adventure.
Gfro- Amazing, is that frozen ocean?

This is kind of an oldie, before I learned about adjusting levels before stitching and stuff like that.

posted : 2004.Nov.10 @ 11.36pm

posted : 2004.Nov.11 @ 8.37pm
Just having a little fun

*image no longer hosted*

posted : 2004.Nov.12 @ 8.45am
Beautiful panas everyone! jamberi, I like that- super neato! Smile

This is the most dramatic, glowing sunset I've seen from my house that
stretched so far and wide.

*image no longer hosted*

posted : 2004.Nov.16 @ 9.48am
i really like the snow shots, we need more snow! Ang that sunset is simply gorgeous.


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