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posted : 2008.Feb.02 @ 5.00pm

an idea is starting to come into focus.....
my new personal project. In this space it will evolve.....

*book cover is work in progress/sketch

The end product will be an art book, the journal/scrapbook of Professor Rix,
logging his travels through many dream realms. Any story there is to be will have
to be pieced together via the hand written notes and sketches, torn manuscript bits
and old timey photographicons........ all composited in Photoshop.

This idea was inspired by an earlier work which will also be part of this project.

>> Atlantean Bass Hub

posted : 2008.Feb.03 @ 12.14am
heh heh

That is rockin man
your work is killer and somehow just keeps getting better.

I get a Jules Vern feel which I love
Dream on.....

posted : 2008.Feb.03 @ 2.43am
that's some amazing artwork air. i love the celestial light transmission flowing in (or out) of your crown. the whole piece looks sweet.

posted : 2008.Feb.03 @ 8.35am
Looks like a crystal concept! :
Open dreamport //
channel 64 ~ !

Dance with the aliens, Air!

posted : 2008.Feb.03 @ 12.41pm
that is so good!
it looks like it will be your defining work, challenging all of the things your are expert at.

congratulations! Pulsing Love

posted : 2008.Feb.04 @ 6.34am
wow... i'm totally digging this. the detail in the headpiece is pretty mindblowing. i also love the concept you're developing here. i've always been fascinated by dreams and steampunkish styled of art. the two combined are perfect. can't wait to see more. <3

posted : 2008.Feb.04 @ 9.55am
Indeed! This definitely looks like it will be your magnum opus. I will definitely wish to purchase the book when you finish!

posted : 2008.Feb.04 @ 12.22pm
Big Ups ProffessAIR Rix!...

posted : 2008.Feb.05 @ 1.57am
just wow... Shocked Looks awesome Air, I'm really liking your tones in here and look forward to seeing more!

posted : 2008.Feb.05 @ 3.58pm
bowz to the subtle nessy ness.
the dreamlouge!

the cosmik kid in I
curiously wonders what nuggets of novelty
lie within the professor's digital boox!

posted : 2008.Feb.06 @ 9.37pm
Air, you were born to draw old, new and timeless magic. This one is a bolder approach to your artistic vision and it's inevitable that you are
going to take it a notch higher every time. Make your Dreamlogue, dude! It will be a gift to all artists and those who appreciate Art...

Deep respect Deep respect Deep respect

posted : 2008.Feb.07 @ 10.01pm
brilliant air! I love the envisioning of a new world and the process of bringing it into being... i'm looking forward to seeing your creation come to life!


posted : 2008.Feb.10 @ 10.58am
deep bows professor aaron rixonious! thank you
i quite enjoy the work you drop in here: it's so beautiful
seeing the furtherance of your creative evolution,
i am interested in seeing how you are utilizing artworks you've previously made,
and weaving them anew into fresh forms for the future,
and sparking our podular synapses : what will he do next?


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