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index « linkbase « Incredible podular site, but what is it for?

posted : 2007.Dec.25 @ 10.41pm
curious codec

so cool, but i'm not sure what it's all about... anyone know what this is for or what the code is?

posted : 2007.Dec.26 @ 5.17am
It's like some visionary art/science : very imaginative
...alchemical symbols rule!

pretty sweet ! Though I couldn't tell you what the code is for the life o me, not my specialty,
it does seem like flash

....I only got so deep into unlocking its secrets,
could it be a key to THE MIND?
what about you? what do you think?

posted : 2007.Dec.27 @ 6.19pm
I played around with this for about ten or fifteen minutes, and in the puzzle with the circular sliders, if you align the like symbols it takes you "through" a cool little flash video and then kicks you to a Seattle tattoo artist's site. Couldn't make anything happen in the other puzzles. Radical little interface though!! Smile

posted : 2007.Dec.28 @ 12.47pm
Z- lightful ~

It really is a curious codec!

Very Happy

Solve the riddle! Solve the riddle!

posted : 2007.Dec.29 @ 11.58pm got some of my time

tis the Mystery but could'nt get through


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