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posted : 2004.Oct.24 @ 6.15pm
This morning I read about the "final" Ghost in the shell 2 cover. This was a piece that I had put a lot of care into capturing the look and feel of the film in the rough... which was snagged and sent to Dreamworks apparently to have a host of hostilities and alien experiments performed on it.

Heres what I sent.

Heres what they did.

this is entertainment. and its a business. yay


posted : 2004.Oct.24 @ 11.41pm
To be honest (not trying to suck up or anything) I much prefer the original. It has more life. I admit I've only seen Ghost in the Shell once many many years ago so I don't know if it has the original feel or not.. but going on pure personal opinion.. yeah. The second is lacking that texture... the dirt of life. It's much too smooth and clean. The guy in front lacks the power and force of the original painting and the girl lacks that sort of naiive innocent quality acheived in the first.

Anyways.. yes.. I just had an urge to comment and followed it.. I'll be quiet now.. <_< >_>

posted : 2004.Oct.25 @ 6.27am
Occupational Hazard No. 15: Bad Art Direction

Has more of a Japanese vibe to it, probably has something
to do with the guys facial exprssion. I like that it's painterly
and it has more atmosphere (and a better pallette).

The female character has adult proportions where I
read yours as being younger than the actual character.
I don't like the pose they came up with. It's wooden and
uninspired. This version has been so heavily art directed
that it no longer looks like anything. It's just another bad
American cover to a great foreign film, ready for the rack
by the register at Wal Mart.

Mumbai: This was for GITS 2 so there's a good chance
you've never seen it. >> Official Site <<

posted : 2004.Oct.25 @ 3.52pm
So beautiful! I have yet to see this film, but I can gaurantee that I will buy it as soon as I see it. The first one is my favorite Japanese film of all time. Smile I too like your cover way more...Bateau's facial expression is far grittier, and appealing to me.

posted : 2004.Oct.25 @ 9.10pm
The girl looks a lot more robotic and dead inside in yours. I haven't seen the second film yet, but it looks like I'll have to pick it up. Nice Job.


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