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posted : 2007.May.02 @ 8.46am
hi beautifuls


this is a truly inspiring flash masterpiece

i hope others will share their favourites in flash mastery

silver boughs low

posted : 2007.May.02 @ 2.32pm
¡Holy Guacamole!
That is so pretty!



posted : 2007.May.02 @ 7.03pm
oh, and of course :


posted : 2007.May.03 @ 9.40am
oh my god Triworks has to be one of the most impressive companies I have seen...
One company that has recently blown my mind as far as multimedia goes is:

posted : 2007.May.03 @ 10.16am
oh yeah!!!

that's where that famous alien plant movie came from!!!

Pulsing Love Pulsing Love Pulsing Love

posted : 2007.Jul.02 @ 8.40pm
Anoushka Shankar update her site.

Here are the guys/gals (?) that made it:


posted : 2007.Jul.08 @ 9.28pm
i can't believe i haven't posted this yet

it's the most inspiring flash design i've ever seen :

entheogenetic label group

posted : 2007.Aug.29 @ 3.13pm


the pleebles

posted : 2007.Oct.16 @ 7.44pm
this is PURE BLISS

posted : 2007.Dec.24 @ 1.18pm

posted : 2008.Jul.29 @ 2.44am


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