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posted : 2007.Nov.20 @ 10.08pm
man after my own heart


posted : 2007.Nov.26 @ 12.34am
Deep respect

posted : 2007.Nov.27 @ 9.49pm
molto fabulous
sensory flow like whoa
likely to make for mellower road ways...
say good bye to road rage!

posted : 2007.Nov.28 @ 10.05pm
Yeeeeeuh! that shizz iz hellatight!!!!

posted : 2007.Nov.30 @ 1.17am
That'd get any earth preservin' person back into rocking fossil fuels no questions.
Just kidding around. Because really...that thing's powered on itself.
It's so magical, that the forms inlaid
provide thrust enough for infinite travel!

posted : 2007.Dec.23 @ 2.25pm
art: omobile



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