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posted : 2004.Oct.20 @ 6.49am
John Stewart on crossfire, man this is soooooooo good.

After, his comments on the interview:

posted : 2004.Oct.20 @ 7.06am
Fro, I've taken the time to sit down with three or four different people to show
them this over the past week. Amazing. He got in under the radar and got off
a good blast but I think most Americans will be too thick to understand it.

Even though there is a typo that creates a miss-statement in the first paragraph
(Stewart accused them of not having "actual debate" and of being theater!!! He called
them partisan hacks) >>> THIS ARTICLE <<< observes correctly the power of the web.

I suppose we should put this in here too...
large quicktime file

It's one of the best political motion pieces I've ever seen.

posted : 2004.Oct.20 @ 7.21am

posted : 2004.Oct.20 @ 7.29am
Yeah one of the best 'Motion' pieces I've seen to date. Tells the story well.

As for the point of the piece coming from non-americans bashing us and making a reference to us pulling the same shit as Hitler... I think I just made my point.

But bravo to the dude that made it, I'm just glad it's not his point of view being told, it's his friends. I'm sure he buys it though.

posted : 2004.Oct.20 @ 10.27am

posted : 2004.Oct.20 @ 9.40pm
thanx gfro! ... and Air... and whoever put these clips together! Exclamation

posted : 2004.Oct.22 @ 3.23pm
a full version of the crossfire show.

posted : 2004.Oct.25 @ 1.23pm
The Daily Show?
You like the Daily Show?!!


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