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posted : 2007.Aug.15 @ 7.28pm
"It is absolutely true that if someone tosses a coin 100 times and it comes out heads every time, the chance of the next toss resulting in another head is exactly 50/50. However, if this ever happens to you in the real world, we would suggest that, before you let them toss the coin again, you check that it is not double headed. Only a fool would not be suspicious"

- Christopher Knight and Alan Butler
in their groundbreaking book Who Built the Moon?

This book is certainly one of the most important works of our time

DO check it out

most people are well aware that the sun is actually way bigger than the moon... yet have you ever wondered why, only from the perspective of the earth's surface, the moon and sun are exactly the same size? when an eclipse happens you can really see how exact this is, but the mathematics prove it. the sun is 400 times bigger than the moon and 400 times further away from the earth.

and that is just the beginning, my friends... the veeery beginning of a long and MIND blowing chain of logic, mathematical studies and dots connected that will leave you really clicking with the fact that life on earth was by NO MEANS an accident. i totally believe in this book, and i think it represents a MAJOR human breakthrough. people could apply this to their spirituality, to theories of 2012, to the natural alien intelligence that speaks to us through our DNA, and our dreams... it could mean a lot of different things for many, but no matter how you slice it, it represents a huge shift in planetary consciousness.

i won't give too much of it away : just TRUST ME : buy it, read it, tell me what you think.


posted : 2007.Aug.16 @ 12.01pm
This sounds like a fascinating book.

When I studied astronomy in college, I brought this question up with all of my instructors, and they said "pure chance, no greater significance."

Same for life on earth. A likely story! And they had no evidence to back up their theory (of course not, chance needs no evidence)

Some interesting facts on the moon:

>The moon rotates once per orbit. But it rotates in perfect sync WITH its orbit, so it always shows the same face to us.

>As pointed out above, the moon is exactly the same apparent size in the sky as viewed from the surface of the earth, hence perfect full solar eclipses are possible

>The moon holds the earth steady on its 23 degree axial tilt, which has 2 forms of significance:
1) If the moon were not locked the way it is, the gravitational pull of Jupiter , Saturn, and even Venus and Mars would sway the rotation of Earth radically, causing somewhat random "seasons". It seems to me that random climate changes would be a very hostile environment for life to develop and survive in, and without it life forms would be very sparse.
2) Because the moon is present, we are held in a consistent rotation, and because of the 23 degree axial tilt, this causes the seasons, which shapes the entire life cycle of earth, and every (3-dimensional, mortal) organism on it (Birth, growth, maturity, and death, then rebirth, etc).

So we can see from this that we really owe life on this planet to the moon's balancing force. The sun provides us with our life force energy, and keeps us at a certain, required, distance. The moon balances our ROTATION at that distance in relation to the other planets, as well as provides us with the 4 seasons. Pretty darn cool stuff. I'm sure this book goes a lot more into it than just this, so I'm definitely going to check it out!

posted : 2007.Aug.16 @ 12.10pm
oh yeah , you're right ioTus, there's more!!!

i actually knew all those things already when i read this book... about the tilt and the astronomical propabilities etc... but it gets more interesting

honestly i will really say to anyone looking at this post, that i know this is probably looking like an "i already know that" thing, but it presents new information that is very compelling.

the moon was built! bottom line. you read this book and i think you'll agree.

and what's more it was built with messages incoded into it for us to recognize.

seriously major stuff.

posted : 2007.Aug.21 @ 9.45pm

after reading this book i really can't deny that the moon was built by some life forms of some kind who also probably seeded dna (and the book really shows you how astronomically improbable it would be for dna to arise on its own)... earth would not have life without the moon being EXACTLY the way it is. and the messages incoded into the moon for humans to discover, would not be the same at any other time in history except for now, right when we have the technology to figure this stuff out. the messages incoded into the ratios, proportions, size, rotation... etc of the relationship between the earth moon and sun, which you find by starting with the moon, seem to have been put there in order to announce that it was built, first of all, and secondly who built it.

interesting parallel to 2001 a space odyssey. i call it 2012 a space odyssey actually Smile

because near the end of the book they start theorizing about who really did build the moon... and don't read this if you're planning on reading the book, cause i don't want to ruin it for anyone (although the book is of course better than my post) but they start theorizing that the ones who built the moon were humans... advanced humans. they explain that there are some heavyweight physicists out there saying time travel is possible, by slowing down light... they talk about a mobius strip infinifold where human beings advance to this point, discover this stuff about the moon, and then go back billions of years in time and build it with black hole technology and seed the basics of dna.

so for the 2012 part, they're guessing that humans could be capable of this by 2011... which i just say is obviously 2012!!!

they think it was humans because all these crazy astronomically improbable allignments of mathematic ratios and distances... etc. that contain these messages are in base ten, and we have ten fingers and ten toes. but they also have other reasons to think this which they get into in the book.

there's of course the crazy irreconcilable paradox of time travel that way, but in the book you get to hear from some major quantum physicists saying that no, that kind of paradox CAN work and it does in certain parts of the universe. mind bending time space stuff about literally walking backwards into time and such. the science sounds to me, and i'm not a scientist, very sound after reading that.

and this stuff about advanced humans having built the moon is very interesting to me, because when i look around now at theories about dna being seeded by other life forms... i don't see much talk of the moon but what i see are these theories of these human like beings... like very advanced humans or some say "perfect" humans. and so i'm thinking what if they did come from the future and they are us? the those of us that will create that sustainable human culture and move gracefully into the photon belt (if you're aware of that theory).

then what if some of them simply didn't go "back to the future" at all and stayed. the theories are saying that at that point these beings were at higher dimensions than the third, which is why you don't see fossils from then, but that later when humans came about we came back down in order to safeguard the evolution process of humanoids by being a part of it. which is where you see these huge prophets like jesus and mohammed... etc. immaculate conception, that kind of thing.

and when you take a look at that it's interesting... very interesting indeed to look at these notions of extremely advanced pre civilizations like atlantis or even ancient egypt... there's all these ancient documentations of these advanced god like "men" teaching early humans mathematics and the sciences... and of course i know in my heart that the plant teachers are a huge part of early human evolution actually... but when you think about it this way you see this feeding into itself of human evolution in this mobius strip infinifold of self influence as a species and as a whole life system on earth.

for me there's this very strong elvish thing going on here. that the elves really are our future s'elves... that they did in reality exist on middle earth the pangaean huge one continent before it split. sometime, read the first short story in the silmarillion. this incredibly beautiful story about these angels singing the earth into being and the first elves being born of these nature spirits as these extremely advanced avatars of the angelic gods sent to guide and forge the process of life on earth and of humans. i really have alwasy felt that tolkien was seriously onto something... and this gives it new meaning for me.

and also following from that that there has been corruption along the line from some of these "fallen" future selves... which sure as hell happened in the silmarillion... and i'm researching a lot of interesting theories on this, and you see that it's all documented actually in books liek the bhagavad gita and the bible... all these sacred texts about these holy people and these gods... so many interesting stories to be pieced together about how the whole process has unfolded since the very dawn of intellignet life on earth. it's our future selves! i don't think it's just a metaphor, folks... i think it's the metaphor that's more than a metaphor. it's real.

i really think this book lends some serious insight to theories and prophecies of 2012.

posted : 2007.Aug.21 @ 10.35pm
and when you talk about dna, and "junk" dna and all these theories of it containing a message for humanity as well from the beings who seeded it... and you think about whatshisname who wrote the cosmic serpent and the intelligences in nature and his theory of it being like a reciever / transmitter of higher dimensional information activated through DMT and nicotine, then you've gotta wonder about future humans in a higher dimensional, non physical state and what thier relaitonship would be at that point with these plant spirits... and what the physical relationship is as relevant to our evolution on this planet... i mean what if we planted some physical seeds in the earth at one point? these future humans obviously get into a sustainable paradigm or else they don't exist in the future.

i mean it can go on and on when you realize how scientifically possible, or even probable it is that future humans seeded themselves in the past. but seriously let's think about that for a second.

one other thought i'll consider here is, if future s'elves came back to earth in the past to create humanity, what if some of us didn't go back in time they went somewhere else? because the thing is, these quantum physicists talking about this time travel mobius strip principle are saying that time can behave differently in different parts of the universe... and it does and that's been documented. so what if humans evolve so far and did get into the next dimensional level outside of matter, and actually keep evolving and go off into the unvierse to inhabit the stars... that is those of them that don't go back in time.

think about all the contact we're recieving from apparently non physical beings with a certain mastery over that 3D realm from the stars right now... crop circles... etc... could it be possible that that's us in the future talking to us right now at this time? i don't want to condone a fully earth centric view of the universe or anything... but you see what i'm getting at. of course we are all connected anyway, but really when you look at this it's incredible. and like some very noted quantum physicists have said, anyone who hasn't had their mind completely blown by quantum physics just hans't understood it properly.

that sort of thinking really leaves me in this very interesting place with time, a place that i think is well worth getting more comfortable with. because when we talk as a community about building a future culture, i think what we're talking about is doing something that we've already done. i think the specifics on how to do it is of course locked into the divine design of nature, but also in our dna and in our own self created plan for ourselves. i feel these ideas are huge keys in making this future culture VERY possible right now because it already exists.

it just confirms everything that says, keep on doing what you're doing, you're doing great.

and this idea of a future culture already existing and we're building it right now as well, is interesting too, because then you think, well if we've already built the future, then that means we're building on THAT... we're doing it again only this time even better than before. groundhog day movie : only it's not that we keep getting it wrong over and over, it's because we got it right that we're able to do it again... only yes better every time. i mentioned that before about this evolution self feeding itself through time.

talk about cycle consciousness!!!!!

and so then jose aguilleras or however you spell his name, and the 13 moon calendar, and all that. well it's interesting because actually daniel pinchbeck is saying the calendar is inaccurate and i agree with that after reading this moon book because the rotations and the earth moon relationship are sometimes changing based on magnetism stuff and other various forces of the solar system that happen now and then, but i agree with pinchbeck that that still doesn't debunk 2012, and when you think about the moon in this new context and this idea of 2012, then god does that ever lend some context to the relevance of a moon based time system!!!

maybe i'll talk more about this later, but that's it for now.

thanks for reading this far!

posted : 2007.Aug.26 @ 6.03pm
Silverbirch, that is so interesting. Thanks for dropping this in the pod kitchen.
I have always been fond of the moon, and
appreciate its gracious presence whenever it appears to my eyes.
I used to read about artificial structures on the moon
from a website called in High School because
I found ET life to be a quite intriguing notion. A profound idea.
It is attractive to consider that there is a
deeper life with which we commune unknowingly. A fuller love than I have known...
That the moon (and why not all the solar system and everything?) is an intentional structure is quite
beautiful...where nature and technology kiss and are in some manner reconciled in this dynamic dance of multiplicities.
I don't know the details and have a bent on 'waxing' poetic, but the idea has sparked my imagination.
So if our future selves did build a moon, then the bar's been raised!
Do you have any reading reccomendations for an interested layperson on quantum physics?

Guitar (Future self removed mooning emoticon because it was a rude attempt at cleverness)
In kind, always...

posted : 2007.Aug.26 @ 6.17pm

i'm glad this has inspired your imagination!

i really mean it, i think this book is well worth reading
even though i have already given it away in many senses
trust me if you thought my rant was pretty interesting
well, you're going to love the book even more

that would be an interesting intro to quantum physics!
it doesn't talk about it for really all that long
but what you learn is a good starter Smile



posted : 2007.Dec.16 @ 12.20am
Silverbirch, your written reflections are way more chiseled and relevant than anything
I could ever hope to express at this hour of the night.
That's OK, this is open-ended! Our future selves will probably
have many more things of relevance to say about all this.
(and sorry if I'm repeating stuff that's already been expressed here)


This book touches on some of the most fascinating ideas I've ever encountered.

One aspect of the book that I find to be excellent, is that the authors are very very careful about putting forth the theories they came up with, and gauge it alongside some prevailing contemporary scientific theory. That the moon is the product of intention is something that'll rub some the wrong way, obviously! But it's a fruitful consideration after exhausting the irreconcilable idea that the moon was made by chance.

One fact put forth that's dumbfounding, to add to what Silverbirch and Iotus wrote, is that the density of the moon is quite less than that of the Earth, though rock samples suggest it's made of the same stuff as our good ole' Gaia. Seismometers detected that the moon 'rang like a bell' when objects struck the surface of our sister sphere. What to make of this?

The authors, Knight, and Butler, have suggested that the moon's a message to mankind, written in mathematics. A message also found, as Silver expressed, in the very code of Life.
Well, as is written in this tome, we do not know (at least not I).

We could see the decoding of this message as an exercise in interpretation, as I think the message is vaster than solely mathematical. So there IS a real-world use for a liberal arts education! (I've been saying so forever)
Yea, the quest for knowledge rests in each of our hands and dreams

with love

posted : 2007.Dec.24 @ 10.07pm
π Greetings Lotus Kin! π

Well, it's a late night again and the mind ponders...

In part, thanks to the movie "The Dark Crystal"
I have been thinking about the idea of origins in general, and
what the quest for determining our origin is, actually .:.

Something that prevailing consensus on lunar origin,
and this new, wonderful breakthrough have in common are
that they are each dancing between closure and openness...

New closure is the appearance of a theory,
formed from a questioning consciousness who is
open to the chaos of relativity, but seeks harmony.
In accepting a new 'paradigm' or 'world view'
a reassessment of the old view is required, a measuring
of forms past, and a look to'ards the mysterious vista, extensive and new.
Scientists are like "We KNOW there's a plethora of possibles immanent right now...
but I want to do this right, in we can 'milk this sucker'..."
From this progression of the past happening through the present,
more relevant expressions of energy and form reveal their design .:. That are eternally available.
Based on the perceptual 'docking bay' that time and
work have obtained for the present, the future gleams
bright and sure with the sheen of intent.

In this view, I have felt that the work of the scientist is to ,
like the authors of Who Built the Moon affirm ,
detect patterns. What the artist does is to work with
the patterns, and generate new ones therewith.

The line between artist and scientist may be transcended to yield
a higher functioning of human stop, wonder!

The body's a fashioning to step into the source of things...

I will never want to forget this 3D world, forget my kin, and go stay in a higher energy bliss world...
I will want both of these, forever and always to play with to learn with and create with...

What we see now, as opposed to what I think happened way back when with
ancient civs, with their subtle language and workings, and access to natural secrets of the eternal order,
Is that today a bridge is being built out of natural technology, i.e. language, and that it will be sustained by the light of human awareness, by the multifarious array of tech specializations operating in tandem,
at this moment. (Plants have always been there! Humans are just expressing the bridge in new tantalizing ways.)

Perhaps the ancients left early, because the wars and the pain took them,
or they saw that badness coming, so they went to Cosmic Canada to play and pray.
So now we see the same fertility awakening, but with tools that
can transform matter into incredible subtlety and power, using language, using love,
to unlock the manifold infinitely.

Cheers Bahahaha!

posted : 2008.Feb.04 @ 2.28pm
although this does not pertain to the moon exactly
it is a relevent thread i believe in evolutinary theory and probability

by the way i have absolutely loved reading thru all this...
really fun and inspiring...

the source of information i would like to share is of a somewhat different perspective
but obviously so linked i had to mention it..
a Peruvian family has been connecting with outerterrestrial as well as innerterrestrial (actual underground civiliations here inside Earth)
allies since the year i was born ..1974
and relays an astounding amount of information regarding over 200,000 thousand years of planetary and cosmic history
or herstory for that matter..

if you still have some steam left to go into more code and storytelling of the grandest kind...don't miss

THE COSMIC PLAN....soundeffects...heehee click on english version the cosmic plan and enjoy


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