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posted : 2007.Dec.13 @ 1.04pm
Greetings fellow Podlings!

It's been quite some time since my last visit, and I've been extremely busy producing all sorts of stuff, most of which is a little live electronica improv duo with my younger brother...

I wanted you guys to check out some of our tracks, they are 100% improv, and we are just trying to develop our improvisation together and be an all-improv band. - jam i did for my son after he was born (by the way, I now have a beautful son!*)

My younger brother sits on the computer doing ableton and using softsynths and our keyboards and drum pads, while I play guitar, bass and key's on our keyboards.

*My son Jadyn Scott, was born on my birthday, August 20th. His mother and I are extremely excited about him being here. He's quite fun to hang with. Here are some photos! ( )

posted : 2008.Jan.16 @ 11.57am

posted : 2008.Mar.04 @ 4.45pm
my recent project The Sacred Language
is all improv as well many tracks are pure solo
other with multiple improv overdubs

the music creates itself and one inspires another
beautiful way to create music. Music is most powerful in that form...creation, inspiration
in the moment with influences of the player, thoughts and surroundings: culture, people, environment etc



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