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posted : 2004.Oct.17 @ 1.21am
*L* You can see your legs but once you back up it's totally believable! That's great!

*goes to watch it again*

posted : 2004.Oct.17 @ 9.01am
pimpular update

posted : 2004.Oct.17 @ 10.41am
Air, pimpin' Ali G style! Very good and super nice colours. I almost wished that there were no white BG, rather something dark...

posted : 2004.Oct.17 @ 12.29pm
Can't stop laughing Rolling eyes Rolling eyes

posted : 2004.Oct.18 @ 12.18am

from the Afterthefact cd booklet (really).
and that's rychard in the background.

posted : 2004.Oct.18 @ 6.53am


posted : 2004.Oct.19 @ 10.31am
My normal, everyday wear:

posted : 2004.Oct.19 @ 5.08pm

posted : 2004.Oct.19 @ 5.46pm

posted : 2004.Oct.19 @ 9.24pm
*sigh* Makes me wish for life drawing classes...

Excellent stuff, everyone!

posted : 2004.Oct.20 @ 11.51pm
nice mouse Wink

posted : 2004.Oct.24 @ 1.14pm
pimpin' aint easy.

posted : 2004.Oct.27 @ 2.11pm
The Dog is my neigbour's, so NO cute remarks Embarassed ... I know, I am a bit too cute on the photo.
Halcyon is way better looking with his mouse all over his... mouse...mmm... pad Very Happy

BTW, it's a dark photo and I wanted it to be dark, i have a brighter version and there's something special about less brightness... at least in this case. Rolling Eyes


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