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posted : 2007.Nov.23 @ 1.14am
I saw this poster in a theater when this movie came out and I couldn't believe it made it to the theater!
I laughed my ass off.

you decide...

I think the guy that designed it should be given some kind of award for getting it past the heads of Disney .

posted : 2007.Nov.23 @ 2.32pm
Hey Heavy Magic!

You have got me poring over this image ....
it's very beautiful, though I haven't found
anything particularly 'shocking'...

Would it perhaps be a phallic form in the Kremlin?
If it is, it reminds me of The Little Mermaid
poster, before it got re-issued. (You can look it up if ya want!)
That one has a penis in it that made me giggle
when I first saw it.

In any case, this image is a masterful rendering,
illustrating interesting emotional tensions...
maybe I am not making the connection you're implying!

It's like some adult-oriented I spy game

How fun Mr. Green

posted : 2007.Nov.23 @ 3.25pm
to be politely frank


take a look at how the Shadow of the girls skirt doesn't even match the real skirt!
instead, it is made more symetrical in my opinion to emphasize the testicles.

when you see this image in full poster size lit up on a dark wall, at a distance

I'm not perverted, I'm an artist and to me it's what I see first


posted : 2007.Nov.23 @ 8.41pm
wow! I didn't see it that way. This is an initiation into the way the artist sees things. I was thinking that the skirt transformation was a visual effect pertaining to the storyline.
That form must be hard to miss when beheld in poster size. It's funny how my eyes organized to the meaning, and missed the prick.

Here I am trying to figure out some kind of discrepancy...
and I fail to find a convincing sexual metaphor...

And there it is , unflinchingly penile...
That's some Heavy Magic,
to be Frank with you

posted : 2007.Nov.23 @ 10.42pm

yeah now that you mention it, it's blazingly obvious.
optical-primordial draw ~ probably worked to attract a lot of young ladies to the film.

posted : 2007.Nov.24 @ 12.10pm

posted : 2007.Nov.27 @ 9.53pm
Here's a classic one


Hey, what do you get when you cross a penis with a potato?
A dictator.
Toilet monster

Rolling Eyes Is that even allowed?


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